Importance of Custom Website Development for Website Speed Optimization

importance of custom website development

What is Custom Website Development?

It is basically defined as the solution of Customized Websites for your Business Objectives, Services, Products or Brand. You can make your website exceptional and unique through getting your website Customized. Any Business Website can be made unique and distinctive through incorporating different developed functionalities for making the website more efficient. This will ultimately help you in achieving your business objectives and strengthen your brand. 

Importance of Custom Website Development

Here we will discuss the 6 points on importance of custom website development:

1. Integration of Unique Features

One of the major benefits of custom website development is the integration of unique website features which improves the performance of your business. These unique features also assist in enhancing the Speed of your website as the use of up-to-date technology will also assist in reducing the website loading time and consequently increase the speed of the website. You can improve the user friendliness and speed of your website through incorporating customized workflows for the staff and also through the deployment of third party integration. 

2. Align your Web Design with the Brand Image

There are many free website themes and templates available online that you can use to create your website. You can change background colors and insert images of your brand. But, this type of approach leaves no space for introducing any creativity in the design of the website. On the other hand, when you choose to Customize Your Website, then, Professional Web Developers can make use of up-to-date design technologies and tactics which will further help you align your website with your brand image or identity. 

3. Better Performance

When you use standardized website templates and designs, then, you cannot avoid certain typical avoidable features when you need them. Such redundant features burdens your website which adversely affect the performance of the website. On the other hand, when you use the approach of custom website development, you can add only necessary features to your website which will ultimately improve the performance of your website. In this way, you will be able to avoid conflicts and your website will be able to work smoothly and with optimized speed. Along with the optimization of the speed of the website, custom website development also helps your website in higher SEO rankings. It is further designed to achieve better UI/UX and it elongates session durations also. 

4. Better Website Features

better website features

Along with many other benefits, customized website development improves the features of the Web Design which ultimately enhances the speed of the website. And, better speed of the website ensures improved user experience. This is due to the fact that whenever any visitor visits the website, then the visitor expects the content of the website to be loaded as quickly as possible, i.e., within 3 seconds. The first impression of the visitor should be ensured to be good so that the visitor intends to visit your website again in future. This is only possible if the visitor gains good user experience and the first impression of the visitors is taken into consideration. The Speed of the website also plays a crucial role because this helps the audience to perceive the brand on a digital platform.

So, if you opt for Custom Website Development, then, you can boost the speed of your website through Images Optimization, CSS minify, JS Minify and by following the guide line of Google Page Speed insight.. And, when the visitors will find the speed of your website faster, then, they will perceive it to be more professional and reliable. On the other hand, a slow webpage may appear to be annoying for the visitor of the website which will force the visitor not to visit the website anymore. This may also lead to the bounce of the visitor to other faster websites to meet their needs. Such a negative impression about the website for your visitor may appear to be very challenging for your business. Hence, in order to ensure the delivery of remarkable user experience to your visitors, you should opt for customized website development in order to ensure that your website loads faster each time your visitor visits it. 

5. High SEO Ranking

If you are planning to have your Website Ranked higher on search engines with SEO, then, you must opt for Custom Website Development of your Website. This is due to the fact that the search engine of Google operates on the ideology of the website’s speed for each product available on the webpage. Faster loading speed is also considered as Google ranking factor which ultimately helps in ranking high for the search results. However, while considering the speed of the website, the content of the webpage should not be neglected too in order to attain high SEO ranking. Therefore, it is suggested the integration of the new features and techniques may help you in improving the speed of your website which will ultimately improve the SEO ranking of your website. And, in this way, website optimization will lead to the increment in the organic traffic, which is crucial for any business. 

6. Improved Conversions

Such websites which have low page and low speed are penalized by Google, which can result in its low visibility on the search results. And, when the customers will find the speed of the website low, then, they will not plan to return to the website in the future and they will possibly bounce if the webpage takes too long for loading its content. As a result, there will be loss of both the business revenue and potential customers due to the inefficient speed of the website. It is believed that delay of one second in the loading of the website results in the reduction of 7 percent in conversions. This is because if your website takes longer than three seconds to load, then, almost half of your customers abandon your webpage which may result in the huge knockback to the potential conversions. 

Hence, you can gain business benefit through optimizing the speed of your website by integrating customized website development approaches, every website tester and developer ensures that the speed of your website remains optimized which will consequently provide your website competitive advantage.

Components of Website Customization

There are several significant components which should not be ignored while customizing the Website Development for your brand. This is because, website is the first and foremost contact between the customers and the brand. 

1. Adequate Contact Details and Description

While developing your Customized Website, you need to incorporate adequate information about who you are and what you do to have your website visitors know about your brand. All you will need to do is to communicate about your Brand, Services, Products, Identity and Background to your Website visitors. While customizing your website development, you must incorporate a brief history about your company. You should further incorporate the list of your renowned clients and endorsements from them. Details and pictures about the services or products being offered by your brand must also be incorporated while the development of your customized website. 

2. Good Aesthetics

Your website visitors must have a good impression on their first sight about your website to let them perceive something good about your brand. The design of the website is also considered as an important factor to determine the credibility of any website. The aspects of web design and aesthetics should be taken into consideration while the development of a customized website. 

3. Adequate Information

The visitors must be provided with adequate knowledge and information about the brand and its products or services. In this way, you will value your visitors and they will have a good perception about your brand and they will be visiting your website more frequently. The information or knowledge can be in the form of a podcast platform, simple blog or any other similar thing. 

4. Clear Direction

Your website must ensure that the content of the website is clear and sufficient for conveying your vision to the website visitors. A well-defined theme and content must be in place for effective custom web design. Everything on your webpage must be easy to find and access and your page must be well-organized too. 

5. Optimized Speed

The first impression of the website visitor highly depends on the Speed of the website. Testers and website developers need to ensure optimized speed of the website along with making it aesthetically functional and pleasing through incorporating different functionalities, content and features. On the other hand, if your webpage does not have good content and features, then it can negatively affect the speed of the website, which can ultimately lead to a bad experience for the visitors of the website. It is believed that if the website takes more than two seconds to load, then, visitors do not wait for it and switch to other activities. Therefore, speed optimization of website is an integral component of good website development as it will ensure better user experience.

6. Mobile-Friendly Website Development

It is true that almost half of the traffic is merely from Mobile devices, therefore, your website must be mobile-friendly. Your business can gain benefit if it has high quality of mobile friendliness and can ensure the retaining of loyal customers. 

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