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    At SEO Agency Edinburgh, digital is part of our DNA. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we use the best software tools available to help us in everything we do. Here are some of the tools we’ve found to be particularly helpful.

    1. SEMRUSH

    SEMRush is a critical part of our SEO campaigns for clients, as well as for our own sites.

    It has a powerful set of SEO tools that let you optimize and analyze your site’s performance.

    We have used it for SEO campaigns specifically made for our clients and rely on it for a great deal of our work. SEMRush provides detailed information about an SEO campaign and is an excellent keyword research tool.

    Although SEMRush is a great SEO tool, it’s also much more than that. There is a vibrant online community of experts publishing blogs and hosting webinars on all aspects of search engine optimization.

    AH ref

    2. AHREFS

    AHREFS is our preferred tool for monitoring links. Over the years, backlinks have existed as one of the few major ranking factors that haven’t changed.

    Due to their importance to search engine optimization, backlinks must be fully understood.

    AHREFS provides us with so much valuable information that we love it.

    AHREFS is easy to use and gives users the ability to see all their data in one place.

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    SEO is an on-going process, rather than a one-time campaign.

    Constantly monitoring site rankings for keywords is an absolute must.

    SE Ranking allows us to monitor the visibility of the site through a 360 degrees picture.

    By having this info at our fingertips, we have the ability to address problems as soon as they occur.

    Allows us to do tweaks and updates in real time so that our clients’ SEO campaigns stay on track.

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    To be effective, an SEO campaign must target the right keywords.

    Keywords Everywhere is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that saves researchers tons of time by making keywords easily accessible.

    Keywords Everywhere tracks the keywords used on websites and provides you with instant information about which ones are being used most often. E-commerce SEO can be improved by using it and for finding those keywords that can effectively boost a brand new SEO campaign.

    5. MOZ

    Moz is the oldest and most well-known SEO tool. We have found it helpful in identifying onsite SEO errors that other, less thorough tools might pass over.

    Moz provides a wealth of information about domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA).

    Moz’s metrics have been around the longest, so we consider them to be definitive.

    The platform also added a tool that allows users to view their ranking in various local markets.

    We have found this tool to be very helpful in giving us a better understanding of how our local SEO campaigns are performing for some of our clients.



    We use Buzzsumo SEO tool to find out what content is resonating with our target audience. We can see what people are talking about on a particular topic across the Internet as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

    We analyze this data in order to help us understand what content would most appeal to the target audience. The content should reach its readers and incorporate the best keywords and titles.


    Serpstat is an excellent SEO software suite that provides a variety of features. We use it to get more information about the rankings of specific keywords and gather insight into other search terms.


    8. HOTJAR

    A website’s conversion process is heavily influenced by the way customers experience it. Hotjar is a web analytics solution that allows us to get a better know how about the users interacting with your site. The tool includes heatmaps and full site recordings, making it a joy to use for SEO experts. This includes tools that will help you find out why visitors are leaving your site or aren’t doing the things you think they should through questioning.

    Communication Tools


    The SEO Agency Edinburgh approach revolves around two core elements: transparency and communication. Various amazing communication tools were used by us to make transparency and communication better.

    1. SLACK

    We make it a priority to stay in touch with our clients, and keep them informed of their SEO progress and that is what makes SEO Agency Edinburgh different. We use Slack to address these shortcomings by making real-time communication a central feature of our work. With Slack, we can increase productivity and quality of communication without slaughtering the efficiency of the site.


    2. LOOM

    SEO can be a daunting task. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! SEO is tough. In order to do this, SEO Agency Edinburgh must sometimes explain some complicated ideas.

    Videos can be used internally and externally by both other team members and clients to give a better understanding of bespoke SEO campaigns.

    Loom is a browser-based video creation tool that takes only seconds to activate, we use it constantly—to explain do’s and don’ts to one another and clients. It gives us a better sense of whether or not people have seen the video, making it unnecessary to ask them if they’ve watched it.

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    We use You Can Book Me, a scheduling software, to manage appointments. It can be synced with any online calendar, bookings are placed on your calendar automatically. A system that automatically generates and sends personalized email and text messages to keep everyone informed. This software makes scheduling appointments simple for customers and prospects, which in turn simplifies our workflow.

    4. TRELLO

    We use Trello to trace our internal workflow: it’s a straightforward tool. Projects are organized into boards, which contain tasks (and subtasks). We were impressed with all of the helpful and practical features that make it possible for our teams to get on the pinnacle of their work and ensure completion.

    you can book me
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    5. DRIFT

    Chatbots are a welcome addition to websites that provide ways for consumers to engage with brands. Although chatbots are only capable of so much, Drift is one of the few “conversational” tools available. We recommend this smarter option to our clients, and we use it ourselves on all of our sites. Drift’s chat box is always present on our page, on this page as well in the corner.

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    Wp Forms For SEO Agency

    6. WP FORMS

    WP Forms is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add forms to a website. We use it as its benefits are far reaching and recommend that clients whose sites are built using the CMS do too. Creating forms is a simple process: just drag the fields into place and their shortcode generated is utilized for every post and page.

    7. POPTIN

    Pop-up ads can still be effective in engaging audiences and encouraging them to reach you. Google’s recent changes to its search algorithm have made it so that pop-ups on mobile devices aren’t as effective. Poptin creates pop-up forms that are search engine friendly and improve conversions, making it an excellent tool for boosting sales.

    Practical and Productivity Tools

    Knowledge and creativity are defining characteristics of SEO Agency Edinburgh. We use the following tools to help us develop our talents and become even more successful.


    Our team has extensive experience working with various content management systems. We use WordPress for our own sites as well because it is a flexible, economical and efficient choice to make. Because of the vast repository of plugins available for WordPress, you can do almost anything with it. You can create and edit a website that is as simple or complex as you need it to be. WordPress provides an excellent starting point for SEO projects, making the work simpler and more cost-effective.

    google docs


    Everything we do relies on collaboration. Google Docs allows us to brainstorm ideas, share data and create written content similar to that with ease. The Google Docs tool allows our team of experts to collaborate across geographical and time zones, with documents always available online.

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    It may be hard to believe, but search bots also take into consideration spelling and grammar in determining the relevancy of a page’s content. The BERT algorithm is getting better at learning how to do this every day. We use Grammarly as well to catch and correct any grammatical errors in our writing.


    SEO Agency Edinburgh also uses Copyscape to ensure that all of its content is 100% original. We also rely on it to protect our own content from being stolen, which is more common than people understand. We use this helpful SAAS tool to make sure that all content on client sites has been made 100% original.



    We use Evernote for content creation, including internal communications and external communications. It is extremely mobile-friendly, so it’s great for collaboration among everyone.

    Ongoing Education, Team Building and Personal Growth Tools

    SEO is so dynamic, we continually work to expand our knowledge of it. But that’s not the only thing we do. Our team members are encouraged to continue learning throughout their careers, from generating a sense of pride in their work to developing new skills. We have found that by using these tools, we are able to collaborate and learn from them while growing as a company.

    1. UDEMY

    Udemy’s tag line captures its spirit: “Learn Anything”. Most SEO Agency Edinburgh team members learn their skills via Udemy, but there are also some excellent resources available on the site. Our team members have done courses on a wide range of topics from business management to stress reduction. Courses can be taken at your own pace, and there’s always new content to learn.


    2. AUDIBLE

    When time is short, reading can be difficult. The Audible audiobooks that the SEO Agency Edinburgh offers its staff members are great for people on the go—and we all spend a lot of time in our cars and at our desks!


    Blinkist has been a great help in making every minute productive and rewarding for the SEO Agency Edinburgh team. Blinkist condenses books into easy-to-understand summaries. Reading great books is still the best way to kill downtime, but this new app will help – the average person would rather wait for a bus, get stuck in traffic – than scroll through Facebook. It’s a smarter way to pass the time—a snack for your brain.

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