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    Either you have heard about digital marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization or anything regarding the tactics of promotions you know how important the use of Google Analytics is in the success of the above. So many people, including very bright ones, have discovered that using a set of tools can be frustrating at times: Despite having a wealth of information at your fingertips, Google Analytics is complex and complicated—and it can be difficult to get a firm grasp on all that’s available. The ability to recognize when a situation requires the attention of someone with particular expertise is an important quality in any leader. We know the ins and outs of Google, so if you want to focus on your business rather than its online presence, let our expert team at Edinburgh SEO Agency take care of everything for you. With our help, you can get the most out of any platform for your unique brand.

    What Is Google Analytics?

    To understand the role of a Google Analytics Consultant, prior you need to know how valuable this tool can be for any business. Google Analytics offers you a broad range of analytical tools to help you better understand how people use your website. Google Analytics also provides the statistics for SEO and SEM. If you have a Google account you can use this service for free without any charges as it is part of Google Marketing Platform. 

    Many businesses have used Google Analytics, and we are no exception. The vast majority of businesses rely on GA to get a sense of how many people visit their website and where they come from, but few take it much further than that because the process becomes complicated once you start digging into granular details. Various data options are there and it can be hard to choose which ones will work best, and tracking codes must often be set manually which makes it harder to operate. In 2020, after over a decade of use around the world, Google launched an updated version of its popular analytics software: GA4. It has a completely redesigned interface and no longer uses cookies to track users, preferring instead machine learning as a way to improve its data gathering. It’s a useful tool, but it adds to the complexity of an already complex system.

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    Why Track Your Online Marketing Efforts Through GA?

    Google Analytics can reveal much more about your site than basic stats counter. Proper use of GA offers benefits to all parties involved with the site.

    With the right implementation of Google Analytics, executives can:

    • Evaluate which marketing tactics are more successful.
    • Show you more about current traffic patterns and trends.
    • Get a clear picture of how a website is attracting traffic.
    • Identify customer segments that are most profitable or important.
    • Make strategic decisions based on reliable information.
    • Discover what locations and targets are producing the most sales.
    • Develop and refine effective website strategies to boost conversion rates.

    Get Google Analytics Consultants Services With Any CMS Or Framework Today

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    Marketers Use Google Analytics to:

    • Find out what people typed into search engines to find your site.
    • When people visit your website, watch how they behave.
    • Increase your online sales by learning how to attract more visitors on the site.
    • Learn which search terms are famous and lead to sales.
    • Use A/B testing to help you determine which online ad or design is more efficient.
    • Generate leads in a variety of ways, and try to focus on higher-quality prospects.
    • Track how many individuals have performed a specific action (such as purchasing, inquiring about a product or service, etc.)


    Measure the Performance of the Website:

    • What pages retain visitors the longest?
    • What topics or information do readers need to be covered more?
    • Which pages do the most visitors leave when they visit your site?
    • What words are people using to search for the website?
    • What makes a landing page effective?
    measure the performance of the website
    measure the customer behaviour

    How can you make customers linger on your website longer?

    We have only begun to explore the many ways that Google Analytics might be used, but by answering these questions, you can better understand how your website is doing, what kind of marketing is working for you—and what isn’t.

    By understanding the concepts and benefits of A/B testing, you can potentially double or triple your website’s effectiveness as well as the return on investment for all marketing campaigns.

    Working with SEO Agency Edinburgh Google Analytics Consultants

    You deserve the benefits that an Edinburgh-based SEO agency can provide. Our team knows Google Analytics inside and out, having studied the platform extensively and worked with it for over a decade. Their experience guiding clients through countless engagements and analytics initiatives has given them a broad range of expertise. Our strategic planning, execution, optimization and training process provides a road map for our success.


    We begin by conducting a Google Analytics audit to confirm the accuracy of your implementation. Then conduct research and analysis to craft a new Google Analytics implementation that collects the data that you need to drive your business and make Google Analytics the most useful tool it can be for your brand.


    This process involves writing code snippets to implement features onto your website, as well customizing the way in which any custom dimensions or metrics are displayed that have been proposed in earlier phases of strategy. We can help your company's web developers to create it, or either you can get all the services by our team of experts.


    Data analysis and insight generation is a never-ending process. Google Analytics reports are reviewed regularly to make sure they continue to meet your objectives and provide accurate information.

    Get Google Analytics Consultant Services With Any CMS Or Framework Today

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    Are you Ready to Bring your Brand to the Next Level

    If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your business grow by using Google Analytics, please contact us anytime.

    We are happy to explain how our services can benefit you.

    Google Analytics Consultant

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    Google Analytics is used to track traffic and conversion rates, providing insight into a company’s marketing campaigns, as well as its SEO efforts. The dashboard displays a large amount of information that you need to absorb. All that means you must in need to hire a professional Google Analytics consultant and who can give you the best services? of course SEO Agency Edinburgh. Contact us today!

    A Google Analytics consultant addresses which parts of your site are most appealing and where improvements can be made. Agencies that have a Google Analytics expert on staff can offer consulting services related to the tool. That surely means the Google Analytics agency can help you analyze your business and improve its performance, as it will determine new tactics to make your site rank in search engines and produce more sales. You should hire an expert in Google Analytics if you want to improve the performance of your site. Our team at SEO Agency Edinburgh consists of Google Analytics experts who offer eCommerce consulting services and more.


    Google Analytics can help a business owner understand their customers better. They offer Google Analytics auditing and optimization services based on the data gathered by their own Google Analytics. Analytics consultants can identify the areas of greatest opportunity and make specific recommendations for maximizing conversion rates and much more. They also explain about the data that is gathered by them and how it can help your site. Our consultants also have experience with Google Analytics, which was taught in-house.

    Google Analytics is a service that provides online businesses with statistics about their websites and the audiences who use them. Google has made its service available to all users of Google accounts.

    Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you understand your website’s performance. It makes it possible to evaluate the success of individual marketing campaigns in real time, analyze trends over time and identify best practices. Monitoring all the platforms allows you to quickly assess what is and isn’t working when it comes to advertising.

    A Google Analytics expert is a professional who analyzes and reviews metrics to create optimal marketing campaigns. Our expert in Google Analytics can provide the most customized training for your needs.

    Setting up Google Analytics for your site is a simple process. However, it is crucial to set up your business efficiently from the start. If you don’t check your information, you could be basing important decisions about marketing on incorrect data.


    You can set up your Analytics account in five simple steps:


    Create Your Account

    Set Your Goals

    Link Your Google Search Console

    Link to Google AdWords

    Set Up E-Commerce Analytics

    In organic search, sometimes known as “natural” results, is the ranking of the web pages on the basis of how well their content matches the query. There is no way to buy an artificial boost in the search engine rankings.

    Paid search results are advertisements that appear above or below organic, natural listings. Paid ads are separate from the organic listings. When you search the internet, advertisers can pay Google to have their ads appear alongside your results. Ads are ranked by how much each advertiser is willing to pay for that particular ad slot (known as “pay per click advertising”)

    Analytics data is categorized into 4 main groups:

    • The audience report gives you a snapshot of who is visiting your website and what they are interested in.
    • Behavior reports will give you valuable insight into what users are doing on your site, and how content affects their behavior.
    • Conversion reports show you how many leads are coming in and turning into customers.
    • The Assisted Conversion report shows those channels that aided conversions, but did not directly cause them.

    Google Analytics refers to conversions as “goals”. They are the actions that users take on your site, measured specifically. To get the most out of Google Analytics, you should set up conversion tracking. Though it’s gratifying to see an increase in traffic, the real measure of success is whether that translates into sales.

    Segments in Google Analytics help identify groups of site visitors with similar characteristics. They allow you to isolate particular type of traffic in your reporting, which can make it easier for you to interpret the data.

    When a visitor comes on a site, a session begins. In Google Analytics, a session continues for 30 minutes even if you don’t perform any task.

    The Google Analytics “Goal Funnel” feature can help you track the success of your e-commerce tasks. It can tell you exactly which products on your Shopping Baskets have been exchanged for sales and help you track the overall success of each transaction.

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