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    moonfruit seo services

    Get Professional Moonfruit SEO Services From SEO Agency Edinburgh

    Moonfruit SEO

    How can you turn your Moonfruit website into a more effective marketing tool? Surely with us! Wink-Wink. 

    We can assist you with the growth of your online presence by deploying MOONFRUIT SEO Experts among our team. Let our Moonfruit SEO Service help you increase your website traffic and boost search engine rankings.

    We are a Group of SEO Experts Who Will Boost your Moonfruit Site

    • Boost Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings
    • Increase the amount of targeted organic traffic your site will receive
    • Experience Higher Click Through & Conversion Rates
    • Enhanced User Experience
    • Generate More Conversions
    • Boost Email Sign-Ups
    moonfruit seo experts

    Our Moonfruit SEO Service Is Engineered To Improve Rankings

    By using Moonfruit’s services, you can ensure that your profile is as visible as possible. We will help in doing so. We will make sure your site is optimized for all the important ranking factors. Our service includes:

    Mobile Optimization

    Our team will help you reach your target audience by optimizing your website for mobile search engines.

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research involves identifying which keywords are likely to drive traffic to your site and which ones you should target immediately.

    Off-Page Optimization

    For your website to be seen as an authority in its field, we will build links and mentions of your site across the web.

    Titles/Meta Improvements

    Meta titles and descriptions are the key to on-page SEO. We will optimize the title and keyword-rich description for each page of your website.

    Content Review

    We will examine your website and offer you suggestions for ways in which we can improve the content. We will do alteration to the keywords and structure of your website.

    Site Architecture

    Does your website run smoothly? Can visitors find what they need without difficulty? Are there bugs in the site map or other problems with navigation?

    Get Expert Moonfruit SEO Services With Any CMS Or Framework Today

    moonfruit seo services to generate more sales

    A Moonfruit SEO Service That Helps You Generate Leads And Sales

    Many Moonfruit users mistakenly believe that if they set the page’s SEO metadata, it will be automatically available for search engines. You can optimize your metadata only when you have created content. It is essential to take a thoughtful and thorough approach to SEO for Moonfruit sites. That’s why we spend so much time and effort on analyzing, improving upon, redesigning and maintaining our clients’ websites.

    Why Should You Work with a Moonfruit Agency?

    The SEO metadata tool can help you optimize your use of on-page SEO. While search engine optimization metadata tools can be helpful, you should not rely solely on it to manage your SEO strategy. If you want to take your SEO seriously, there are other tools that will be more helpful for it. Hiring an experienced expert in Moonfruit can help you increase your site’s SEO ranking, thus improving the number of visitors it gets.

    Hire A Professional Moonfruit SEO Agency

    Our Moonfruit team is well versed in the world of search engine optimization. We have helped dozens of Moonfruit sites reach the top of their niche search engine lists! We optimize all of your content, no matter which CMS you use. Call us today, and we will discuss how our tailored SEO strategy can boost your site’s performance.

    How does Moonfruit use H1 tags?

    The H1 heading provides the most crucial section of information within an HTML. The page title appears in the window’s top line is basically the H1 heading. Search engines use H1 tags to help users find websites, and rely on these to determine what a page is about. Hence, it is important to have an accurate H1 tag because search engines use this information to determine what content a page has.

    moonfruit seo agency
    moonfruit seo

    Do moonfruit sites have a sitemap?

    The Moonfruit CMS allows users to create a site map. It allows your site to be indexed and ranked by search engines.

    Is Moonfruit designed for a particular niche?

    The Moonfruit platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of any business. Moonfruit offers many different templates to choose from. All templates are only compatible with the original, non-responsive editor. You can use the responsive editor to create a new page or post but you have to start from scratch.

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    What are Moonfruit salient features?

    The SEO Agency Edinburgh team will help you get your site to rank at the top of search engines. The Moonfruit platform has tools that allow users to maximize the experience.

    Some of the features are given below:


    • They allow you to register domains from their site or through an outside source.
    • Build an impressive email using Moonfruit
    • Including social feeds and bars in your site
    • Moonfruit is fully HTML 5
    • Lobster images integration
    • Code-free editing
    • Global styling etc.
    moonfruit site increase user experience
    moonfruit site metadata

    How do I add metadata to my Moonfruit site so that search engines can index it?

    • On the very right sidebar, choose the page tab.
    • Open the dropdown menu for SEO settings.
    • Complete the title, description, and keywords for each page 


    The presence of metadata helps search engines understand and categorize the content on a given webpage.

    Moonfruit SEO FAQs

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    Moonfruit is great for search engine optimization. Due to its simplicity, Moonfruit’s SEO management makes it good for SEO. Though Moonfruit is great for SEO, you should consult Moonfruit SEO experts to find out what you need to do in order to improve your Moonfruit site.

    As an owner of the website, you can alter your site’s SEO settings from the admin dashboard. The SEO section of Moonfruit’s admin panel clearly labels each feature. You can customize your metadata, keyword tags and many more from here. You can hire a Moonfruit SEO expert to assist you with your Moonfruit SEO.

    Moonfruit SEO is better for Google. Moon fruit can be easily combined with other ingredients to make better and effective rankings for Google. Moonfruit is simple and less hectic to use and can be integrated with Google Analytics, allowing you to track your website traffic. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can always hire a Moonfruit agency to create your SEO campaign.

    Here are some ways to improve your Moonfruit SEO:


    • By making quality backlinks.
    • By creating strong keyword tags.
    • You can also submit your website to various search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.
    • Reshare your content on other publishing platforms to build exposure for yourself and your business, like: LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, Amazon etc.

    Moonfruit is a website-making platform that charges fees for its services. Their basic package for a month is £3.99. Moonfruit offers a site in that package with unlimited pages and connection of domains, 500MB of storage, and ads. Their premium package for a month is £8.99. It provides 5 websites with unlimited pages, no advertisements, 10 GB storage and a cost-free domain voucher.

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