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    If you are selling on eBay, here’s how to boost your sales.

    Our eBay SEO service will help you get in front of more buyers by getting your listings to rank higher.

    Our eBay SEO strategy will help you attract millions of potential customers to your business!

    Our Team of SEO Experts can Help you Dominate eBay

    Let Our eBay Store Optimization Experts Handle Your Campaign

    • Increase Your Brand Awareness
    • Generate More Sales
    • Enhance Your Market Share
    • Increase Your Click-Through Rate & Conversions
    • Accelerate Your Product Listing Visibility
    • Feedback Is the Key To Building Your Ebay Store. Let us help to boost it.
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    Our Expert Team Delivers Proven Results for your eBay Business

    As a business owner, you want to increase your sales. Our service has been designed to help you achieve this goal. We will make your store successful in search engines. We offer a variety of eBay SEO services, including:

    Keyword Research

    We'll create a comprehensive list of the most important keywords to optimize your eBay listings.

    Title & Bullet Optimization

    We will make sure that your copy is well-written, relevant, optimized for conversion rate and persuasive.

    Product Categorization

    In this we will do product categorization for your store as it will be a user friendly deed for your customers looking for the same thing but in a variety.

    eBay Analytics Reporting

    We will create and maintain an analytics report for your eBay store so that you have access to real-time data about the people who search for products.

    Content Management

    We'll make your images more eye-catching, and suggest ways to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy.

    Competitor Research

    We'll suggest ways to give your business a leg up on the competition.

    Get Expert Ebay SEO Services With Any CMS Or Framework Today

    optimize your ebay listing for search engine

    We'll Optimize your Listing for Search Engines to Help you Rank Higher.

    We have a great know-how about eBay inside and out. To do this, we can design a personalized marketing strategy that will help you attract more customers and increase sales.

    The “best match” algorithm used by Ebay takes into account a number of factors including listing titles, recent sales history and overall seller rating.

    We’re here to help you reach your business goals on eBay by optimizing for search.

    Our Award-Winning SEO Agency Has Been Recognized for the Excellent Work We Do

    SEO Agency Edinburgh ranks at the top among 90 agencies in the United Kingdom for its e-commerce SEO services on Design Rush. To see the kind of results our customers have experienced with our eBay SEO services, check out the reviews.

    What are the Benefits of Hiring an eBay SEO Expert?

    You are a seller on eBay. Your ability to sell depends on how visible and well-crafted your product listings are. From choosing the right keywords to writing persuasive product titles. Our team of search engine optimization experts will create SEO-friendly listings for your eBay products. We aren’t finished yet. We’ll infuse your website with e-commerce best practices and optimization strategies that will increase sales.

    hiring an ebay seo expert
    ebay seo agency

    What Should I Include in my Ebay Title?

    Your eBay title should be clear and as descriptive as possible without being stuffed with unnecessary keywords. Include everything that your customer would be likely to search for in order to find a product like color, size, brand etc. You need to be careful when naming your titles. EBay-optimized product titles will help you sell more items on eBay, all you need is our eBay SEO expert team.

    What does SEO mean on Ebay?

    SEO on eBay is a method of making your products stand out to shoppers by optimizing them for certain keywords in the search bar. There are many factors that go into determining the search engine rankings of a website. Our Edinburgh SEO agency can help you make sure that your products are listed on eBay in the correct way so as to increase their appeal and popularity.

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    What is Ebay SEO?

    eBay’s search algorithm determines how product listings are displayed. SEO can help individual listings on eBay and also stores.

    eBay’s search engine is called Cassini, and its working is quite similar to Google. As such, SEO will be equally important for eBay stores.

    Why Ebay SEO is so Important?

    eBay is a popular and heavily used marketplace. You need to be able to offer something that other businesses don’t.

    An optimized store and posts will increase the likelihood of making sales.

    why ebay seo is so important
    importance of product image

    What Information must be Included in my eBay Listing?

    The most important info that the title requires if for surely the keyword has to be exact and relevant. For that you must know before what your targeted audience is hunting for. The name of the product should be as it is because online shoppers don’t like to take chances.

    Importance is my Product Image

    The most important info that the title requires if for surely the keyword has to be exact and relevant. For that you muMost customers often judge a product by its cover, you should make sure your image is eye-catching and accurate.

    Optimizing your photo will increase its chances of success. Optimizing your photos means naming them in a way that makes it easier for people to find and share them. The included keyword will make it easy for eBay to know about your item. 

    SEO can help increase the visibility of your product listings on eBay.st know before what your targeted audience is hunting for. The name of the product should be as it is because online shoppers don’t like to take chances.

    How large is Ebay as an Ecommerce platform?

    eBay is used by many people and businesses as a way to sell products. Given that eBay receives more than 167 million monthly visitors, it’s clear why many ecommerce businesses choose to operate on the platform. We are the leading SEO firm for eBay stores.

    What About My Seller Profile on Ebay?

    Your eBay seller profile should present your company and its services in a way that best represents the values you stand for. It is better to include a relevant product keyword in your sell tag, so that customers can identify you quickly. Your profile description can be up to 250 characters long.

    Use this keyword to your advantage and add it into different areas of the page. Briefly describe yourself in a way that differentiates you from other people. When choosing a profile photo, think carefully about what kind of impression you want to make. Your image should be at least 300 pixels wide and high, with a resolution of 72 or higher.

    ebay seo consultants
    keyword frequency for ebay listing

    What is the proper keyword frequency for an Ebay listing?

    There is no set number of keywords to include in a description, but most descriptions contain the same basic elements.

    Use keywords that appear 5-7% of the time in your listing. For a 250-word description, you’ll probably have to include between 12 and 18 of your most important keywords.

    The best way to highlight the focus of your product is by using keywords effectively, but not so much that it’s overwhelming or spammy.

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    Ebay SEO FAQs

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    If you want to improve your eBay search ranking, start by doing some research. Keywords should be included in titles and descriptions so that any potential customers who are searching for those keywords will find your product. You should also seek buyer feedback, as well as feedback from other sources. Consulting with eBay SEO experts can also give you insight on how to improve your store’s search engine optimization.

    Seller ratings are not a large factor in the eBay algorithm, but it’s safe to assume that better seller ratings lead to more sales. To be listed as a top seller, your feedback rating should be at least 99% or better.


    To optimize your eBay listings, be sure to include as much information about the product as possible. Incorporate keywords, accurate titles, descriptions and high-quality images into your content. Please include ISBNs where possible, and avoid using stock images. eBay listings are just the start of running an eBay store. You need to do keyword research, competitor analysis and more to be sure you can survive in your chosen niche. We have expertise as an expert in eBay SEO creating listings that attract customers and get you more sales.

    Cassini is eBay’s search engine, which operates much like Google does. Cassini uses three main factors in its algorithm:


    Keywords – Cassini includes both the title and description sections when it analyzes your website.


    Buyer behavior – People’s behavior when searching for a product and buying it is classified as click-throughs. Cassini will rank products higher if other people have clicked on them more often than others.


    Seller performance – Cassini’s rankings also take into account sellers’ previous performance, including sales that have been successful, customer service and ratings.

    Keywords can be used in your listing title and throughout the product description. It is important to include your keyword (or key phrases) in the title of the product and in its description. Use your target keywords in the title and description of your document, but avoid overusing them.

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