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The motivation behind winning that much awards is all our clients. They love to work with us and they think us as a medium of trust and that’s what make an SEO agency successful.

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Thoughts of our clients regarding our SEO Agency Services.

At SEO Agency Edinburgh, your brand will grow and the sky will only the limit.


Great Resource for a Business…

We’ve seen traffic to our site increase threefold and have several of our keywords improvised to the first page results of Google. The SEO Agency Edinburgh has been a great resource for any kind of Business SEO. We have hired them to help us with a lot of our marketing efforts, and they have been able to provide us with a ton of great ideas and suggestions. They have helped us grow our social media presence, increase our search engine ranking, and more.


An Ideal SEO Agency to work with…

I have been a client of SEO Agency Edinburgh for about 6 months. They have always been nice and easy to work with, and I never feel like I am being taken advantage of or pressured into something I don't want. My past experience with other SEO agencies has been less than ideal, so it's refreshing to have a place where I know what to expect, and results are absolutely great.


An Agency that provides solutions to every problem…

I highly recommend them if you're looking for an agency that wants your business but isn't going to ask for too much money up front or try to take advantage of their position as a client by charging way more than they should. The SEO Agency Edinburgh provides solutions to every problem. They have a vast range of SEO services and Our Project Manager Bob made the best SEO strategy that has helped my business to boost.


A team of SEO experts… …

Well, I was a bit confused to work with SEO Agency Edinburgh at first but, I must say this was the best decision I have ever made. Brandon, our Consultant, is very decent and cooperative. They are the true experts in what they are doing. After reaching them the organic traffic of my site has been accelerated like never before and most importantly they are available anytime for my queries.

    Want To Work With An Agency That Can Get You Ranked?

    Finding a dependable and trustworthy SEO company in Edinburgh can be difficult, especially when faced with other agencies that offer similar services.

    There are many agencies out there that claim to offer professional SEO services or call them an Expert SEO Agency, but it can be difficult for a business owner to tell the difference between an agency that actually knows what they’re doing and are trustworthy enough.

    The agency should know have the abilities and knowledge when it comes to link-building, Technical SEO or SEO strategy. And for that here we come in! Search Engine Optimization Agency in Edinburgh is all there to deliver result oriented services.

    seo company in edinburgh

    Expert SEO Services you Get from
    Expert Marketing Agency in Edinburgh

    Rank higher in search results with our Proven SEO ServicesBecause organic results are more competitive than ever, you need to adopt a unique and best suited approach for your site to achieve high search engine rankings.

    When it comes to Professional Search Engine Optimization, you need an agency with experience that can get your site ranking highly for the right searches. We do more than just simple Search Engine Optimization! As a full-service SEO Marketing agency in Edinburgh, we offer tools and expertise that enable us to help our clients achieve their goals.

    Rank higher in local search results and attract more customers! We boost your organic visibility and increase sales by applying proven local ranking factors.

    We can help you in formatting a promising on page SEO strategy to build organic traffic to your website.

    A well-designed WordPress website is one of the best ways to increase your search engine rankings—but we can make yours even better!

    Want to drive traffic to your website that’s free of charge and also consistent? We know e-commerce SEO is complex, but we’ve got the expertise to make it work for you—no matter where or how you sell online.

    We will figure it out and resolve the problems that are affecting how search engines perceive your site so you can improve your organic rankings.

    Through our global network, we will make sure your site is optimized for international markets and search engines across the world.

    Ready to get the results you deserve? We can help.

    As a Professional Search Engine Optimization Company in Edinburgh we offer Professional SEO services to clients around the world and are committed to helping them achieve their goals.

    If you are tired of dealing with SEO agencies that promise fast results and deliver poor-quality, overpriced services – then you should talk to us.

    We have the proven ability to help your company achieve the results you’ve always wanted—through our leading-edge Search Engine Optimization and other expertise. Just contact us to get started today!

    seo company edinburgh
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    How do we Deliver our SEO Services? Overdeliver - For every client.

    There are six stages from Discovery to Reporting:

    discovery call

    Stage 1 – Discovery Call


    Featuring an exploration of your business’s goals, this is the stage where we get to know you and establish our working relationship with you.

    We will enquire a few queries to learn more about you and your goal:

    • Your company’s identity, your customers’ experiences, employees work at your company and the content you want to highlight among major search engines.
    • How your other digital marketing activities have performed, and what you learned from those experiences and what is left undone.
    • Whom you find as your major competitors.
    • Explain how you define success for your business and include specific goals you hope to achieve with SEO Agency Edinburgh.

    This conversation involves give and take for better results. We will be happy if you enquire about us too, not just stay specific but explain your thoughts, ideas and tell us what you expect from us as a SEO agency. In that order it will be easy for you to understand how we are the best SEO service around the globe for your site. 

    Stage 2 – Audit

    The essential step to Search Engine Optimization is a thorough audit. 

    We will be able to analyze your webpages and discover the elements in them that are hurting their visibility in search engine rankings. 

    Our consulting team will provide actionable recommendations that are designed to improve your site. By performing a customized SEO audit for you—rather than selling you the same plan as every other client of ours—we can make sure that your site gets all the attention it needs.

    seo strategy

    Stage 3 – SEO Strategy

    After assessing the results of our previous work together, we will create a strategy that is designed to produce measurable and substantial improvements in your business. 

    We will monitor your campaign and make adjustments as needed in the SEO strategy we made prior.

    We won’t surprise you with anything, because we will let you know what’s going on before it happens.

    Stage 4 – Implementation

    Once the strategy has been approved and a plan of action determined, we will begin our work.

    Our search engine optimization specialists have years of experience and will craft an effective campaign for your business and it will stay safe in their hands. We will keep you well informed as we move forward.

    seo activities

    Stage 5 – Brief to Client about SEO Activities

    As a client, you are always welcome to know the complete SEO Activities, our Seo Experts will perform in order to get your business rank. We believe that a client should be able to understand SEO if he or she wants to know about it. A shady SEO company doesn’t share its knowledge and expertise with even potential customers.

    Well! SEO Agency Edinburgh isn’t like that. 

    We want to teach you about SEO in a way that will stick, so we’ve created resources here that are digestible and actionable.

    Stage 6 – Analytics & Reporting

    The collected data helps us to develop innovative growth strategies. We will compile reports and conduct analyses that are easy to understand, then use this information to make sure we’re doing our jobs well. 

    The SEO analytics report by us provides an insight into how we can improvise the material, shift keywords and reposition information in order to make the most benefit out of it. 

    Suppose if there is a specific keyword which has a higher bounce rate then that particular keyword needs to be analyzed again to check the relevance of it and is it OK for some specific landing page. 

    Good, white hat SEO tactics take longer to yield traffic results than pay-per-click advertising. 

    It takes time and dedication to build a digital presence through off-site optimization efforts, but the results are worth it. 

    A smart use of analytics goes beyond regular keyword tracking—it provides a complete picture of what’s working and what isn’t, so you can improve your site’s performance.

    analytics and reporting

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    SEO Agency Edinburgh FAQs

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving your website’s visibility or Business Visibility on search engines in order to drive more traffic.

    Searching is a larger source of generating traffic, on Google it sends more than 60% of the traffic to most websites. If you include the traffic generated by other popular search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo!, approximately 70.6% of all internet users start their journey online with a search engine.

    To put it simply, the better you are ranked in search engine results pages for relevant keywords, the more targeted and high-quality traffic you will receive. Optimizing your site for search engines will make it more attractive to users and provide them a better user experience. Search traffic and a good user experience can help boost your conversion rate.

    SEO Agency Edinburgh employs organic and white-hat techniques in all its search engine optimization work. White hat SEO strategies enable you to use more organic, long-term methods to improve your site’s performance. This means complying with all search engine standards and avoiding black hat SEO techniques. Black hat tactics are unethical practices. These techniques include stuffing your text with keywords, linking to through private links (which you set up using software), and disguising certain pages of a website so that search engines don’t index them. If you use these tactics, your website could be penalised or excluded from search engines.


    When hiring an SEO Agency, you will usually go through several steps. When seeking an agency to help you with SEO, research their reputation and the results they have achieved for other clients. One way to evaluate a company is by looking at the testimonials they offer. Checking online to see if the company has a strong presence and reviews can be helpful. To learn more about SEO Agency Edinburgh, you can send us an email to schedule a discovery call. This will guarantee that our needs are met and concerns addressed. After that you might ask for an initial audit of your site to determine its current SEO status. Later if you decide to work with us then you have to fill a brief form about your business and goals, and one of our experts will come in to review the details with you.

    Search Engine Optimization is far ahead from being dead.  SEO is one of the most important strategies for maintaining and improving a website’s ranking within search engine results pages (SERPs). The more digitally advanced our world becomes, the greater its relevance becomes. SEO never goes out of style: It is a way to maintain traffic and rankings so that your site remains relevant.

    SEO specialists are those people who know everything there is to know about SEO. People who are serious about SEO spend a lot of time reading, listening to recordings, attending conferences and experimenting different techniques in order to stay at the top. The fact is, though many of you find it dry but—good SEO specialists really enjoy what they do. And the SEO Agency Edinburgh team also loves it! A good SEO specialist will oversee the implementation of an SEO strategy, but they won’t necessarily do all the work by themselves. They know who to contact when a client needs content written or links built, as well as where to go for help with on-site SEO for any company.

    When choosing an SEO agency, it is important to do your research. Looking at customer reviews and credentials to make sure the proposed audit is a good one. The SEO Agency Edinburgh is a reliable firm that can provide you with top-notch search engine optimization Services. For more information on the benefits of hiring us and why we’re better than our competitors, please contact us.

    SEO agencies charge prices that vary widely, depending on the kind of work they do and how much time is needed to complete a project. Some might ask for a fee by an hour or some might go with a flat fee.  We offer three different packages here at SEO Agency Edinburgh, which we can customize to suit your needs. It is possible to combine different services or packages with each other. We charge a fixed amount at the beginning of each month, so you’ll always know what your expenses will be. When you hire our team, we will work with you without charging hourly. Our team will always be by your side.

    When it comes to ranking a website it’s not a thing that is done overnight. At SEO Agency Edinburgh we do not use black hat tactics to rank you faster and then fall in more speed. There are multiple factors that take place while ranking a site. Either it is the competition in the market or depending on keywords—to rank a website it requires at least six months. As the slower the process the better the outcome will.

    Google will help with this! Google Search Console is a tool which if you set properly then it will guide you to every serious issue in a kind of report. A quick test can be done on your website to check if there is any minor or serious issue regarding the Google Algorithm. After entering your URL, you will receive a basic score. Then you can click on GSC and view the full report with suggested improvements.

    There is no doubt in getting SEO. Every site needs food like humans to get energy and SEO is the main ingredient in the success of any website. Every business gets benefit from SEO to rank higher in the search engines results. SEO helps to maintain a site and bring organic traffic to it. Although if your business site is working all good still it is in need of SEO. If you want to give your business a boost and keep it there, then implementing proper Search Engine Optimization strategies from the beginning is key.

    If you don’t know much about SEO, it can be hard to understand what a company that does SEO does. To help you monitor your website’s performance, SEO Agency Edinburgh will present you with regular analytics reports. SEO firms offer a variety of services to boost your website’s visibility. Experts will examine your website and prioritize SEO improvements based on their findings. Inclusive of : On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO. An Ideal SEO agency ensures that your rankings are not simply the result of manipulative tactics, but rather a true reflection of the quality and relevance to search engines’ users.

    A good SEO agency will do many things for your business. SEO agencies will examine your site as a whole, including its content and technical structure. A custom SEO agency will ensure that your business is taken care of by providing tailored solutions. All the services that SEO Agency Edinburgh provides can be viewed here.

    An excellent SEO firm will use effective strategies to get your site listed at the top of search engine results pages. Agencies that make guarantees should be able to back up their claims with evidence of previous successes. You can expect to be kept regularly informed about the progress of your campaign and to receive clear, written reports that are backed up by data. Experts should be talented and thoughtful, and their advice should always seek to benefit you.

    A professional SEO agency is indispensable. Hiring a Professional SEO agency services can boost the success of your website and company. Investing in a quality SEO service ensures that your rankings are strong and brings you more customers. A website’s ranking in search engines is a key factor in how many people visit it and possibly buy something from the site.

    At SEO Agency Edinburgh, we value transparency and authenticity. We publish as many of our clients’ testimonials and reviews as possible. We’ve documented many of our clients’ campaigns. SEO Agency Edinburgh will provide you with a customized approach that is tailored to your business.

    The decision to hire an SEO expert can make or break your business. When you hire an agency, you know that a team of experts will be working on your project. When this collaboration takes place, every aspect of SEO is addressed. If you have only one person handling your SEO needs, they may not be able to utilize all of the skills necessary for an effective search engine optimization campaign. A freelancer may only be expert in a few SEO points, not in every aspect. So it is better to go with an agency that provides you a team of experts.

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