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    Mel is our Head SEO writer—we’re lucky to have her!

    Mel creates content that delivers results—blog posts, articles and whitepapers crafted to offer worthy content to the site readers and drive organic traffic.

    If you are looking for an expert to write copy that will help people find your business online, SEO Agency Edinburgh is the right choice!

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    Is Your Content Strategy Delivering Results?

    Mel has been writing professionally for more than 20 years! Through trial and error, she has learned to provide clients with high-quality search engine optimization (SEO) content that helps them achieve the results they are looking for.

    We start by developing a comprehensive content strategy, and we end with our clients seeing an increase in traffic, leads, and sales.

    What Our Content Writing Service Can Do For You

    • Increase the likelihood of being found through search engine queries
    • Improve your ranking in search results
    • Writing a strategy for the development of online content
    • Reduce the number of visitors who leave your site without reading any posts.
    • Better reach and appeal to your target audience
    • Tap into the power of inbound marketing to generate more leads for your business!
    seo content writing services
    seo content writing

    Only the Most Valuable Content, No Fluff or Filler

    We focus on three areas when we optimize content for search engines: SEO, conversion rate and reader experience. This unique approach to SEO content writing is what sets us apart from other services.

    Here are some ways we make your blog posts shine:

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    Develop A Keyword Strategy

    Our team conducts keyword research before creating new SEO content. During this stage, we determine the keywords your targeted audience searches to find solutions. We write keyword-rich content for your site, creating useful, informative articles that people want to read. We never use the same keyword multiple times in a single piece of content or title tag — because Google doesn’t like this practice and it only makes your site look spammy if the site is stuffed with too many keywords. We work to create content that informs or entertains your audience.

    develop a keyword strategy
    enhance readers experience

    Enhance Reader Experience

    If you make your readers wait too long for the content they came to find or if they have trouble reading large blocks of text, many will leave before finding what they’re looking for.

    In simple words if your content isn’t great, people won’t stick around.

    We implement strategies to improve your readers’ experience, regardless of which device they are using to see your content.

    Optimize Content For Search Engines

    We are an SEO company filled with experts in Edinburgh. We are extremely talented at bringing organic traffic to our clients.

    Our team of SEO experts understands that content is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization.

    We will write blog posts that are optimized for search engine results. We will optimize your title tags and perform thorough image research to make sure that all of your images are correctly optimized.

    optimize content for search engines
    boost conversion rate

    Boost Conversion Rates

    We care about this metric most. We create content with the goal of helping your potential customers understand what they need in order to buy from you.

    We will use our expertise in creating content and promoting it online to increase the number of people who buy your products or services after visiting your site. Our content is created to be easily shared across a variety of platforms.

    We want people to share your blog posts on social media so that more readers will be exposed to them.

    We will craft engaging meta descriptions and email sign-up forms that will boost your organic traffic on your site.

    Utilize Powerful Tools

    At SEO Agency Edinburgh, our content writers use robust SEO tools to boost your website’s search engine rankings. We  utilize these industry-proven tools to optimize your content and help it rank highly in search engines. We also use our tools to determine how effective your posts are, so we can make sure that you get the best return on investment.

    Want to Learn More About Mel, the Expert SEO Copywriter

    Mel, the expert writer of our agency, was born in the United Kingdom but now lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In addition to her SEO content work, she is a working journalist. Her two degrees (BA communications and BA journalism) are from the University of North Texas. If you want Mel to write content for your website—let us know.

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    More About Our SEO Writer Expert - Mel!

    English, Spanish, French, German

    4 cats, 1 dog, 1 turtle

    Yes. She has more than twenty tattoos.


    Content is king online, and it’s growing at a fast rate.

    Blue cheese

    Stella Artois

    More About Our SEO Writer Expert - Mel!

    London Fields – Martin Amis

    I am always ready to work as hard as necessary than anyone else.

    Baseball, basketball, football, sailing

    92% lifetime free throw percentage

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    seo content specialist

    Your Content is a Valuable Asset - Worth Investing on it


    Content is the majesty. Creating different types of content for your website is an important part of digital marketing. Our team of experts will include a vast kind of various content into your blog posts, including your videos, images, annotated screenshots, podcasts and more. A good content specialist will understand the value of your website and will help you rank in the search engines. With rankings and quality content is the only way to beat your competitors.

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    SEO Content Writing FAQs

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    Keywords are those words or sentences that people use to search for products or services. To be listed as a relevant result when people search for those keywords, websites compete to be on page one of the search results. Thus, in content writing, keywords should be placed throughout the text so that your site ranks highly in SERPs. It can sometimes be challenging because the way we search for content writing agencies on Google is not always grammatically correct like “content writing agency uk ”. You might have difficulty fitting phrases such as this into a logical sentence. If you need help crafting content that will attract search engine traffic, consider hiring an SEO content writing agency.


    A content that is “SEO optimized” means that it was written in a way to please Google. A content writing agency writes for its audience but also considers the technical aspects of search engines when crafting copy. Of course, the pages will remain invisible to searches if Google does not index them. Hence, it is vital to have optimized content so you can rank highly and get your pages seen. If you are interested in getting help with your content marketing, I suggest you google “SEO Agency Edinburgh”!

    If you want your content to be seen, and if you want people to take the time to read what you’ve written, it is important that search engines are able to find those pages. SEO is the process of applying numerous techniques to a website and its content in order to increase the site’s visibility on search engines. If your website ranks well in search engine results, you’ll have a better chance of attracting visitors who are looking for the information on your site. If you’re having trouble writing your own blog posts, look over to find a content-writing service in Edinburgh! and that’s US!

    SEO Content Writers are responsible for creating content that is designed to include certain search engine optimization techniques. The SEO techniques make the content more likely to appear on Google’s first page. To hire an SEO writer to help you rank higher on Google, search for “hire seo content writer.”

    SEO content writing begins with research on the keywords to be used in a piece of content. The content of the article is written around a keyword in order to help get it ranked on Google. That is the reason why we should begin with conducting keyword research then write content that includes the chosen keywords, and implement other SEO techniques. A good SEO content writer can help you become more visible in your industry!

    SEO copywriting creates content for both Google and users by combining keywords with engaging writing, more importantly that is understood by bots and targeted audiences. SEO copywriting content uses keywords to attract online searchers. If the writing is only for Google and is stuffed with keywords then it is considered as robotic and if it’s also not user friendly then the writer is surely making a big mistake. However, writing only for users and not search engines will result in low-quality content. SEO content writing is a balance between audience and search engines. For more information, visit SEO Agency Edinburgh.

    A professional SEO content writing agency employs writers who understand how to create appealing, high-ranking content. A content writer might write blogs and guest posts, but this has to be written based on research and opinions. An SEO content writer clearly understands and implements search-engine optimization techniques. For instance, paying attention to keywords, creating internal links and writing effective titles are all things that help drive your SEO ranking.

    SEO agencies provide their services to businesses who want higher search engine rankings, it includes writing as well. Services may include writing, editing and promoting blogs, service pages and guest posts. In contrast to regular content writing, SEO techniques are embedded within this type of content so that it may rise in the rankings on Google. These SEO services boost your traffic and domain authority. Hire SEO writers to help you produce and promote more content.

    Highly informative, engaging or educational content is what earns you the important backlinks needed to rank high in search results because search engines crawl this text when they arrive at a website. Static websites are no longer sufficient. To be ranked well in the SERPs, your site—either niche it’s in-a website should provide high-quality content to both human and bot (search engine robot) visitors.

    A good SEO content writer is first and foremost a writer. Many websites have content to offer low-quality content that is poorly written, duplicate and plagiarized. High bounce rates and low search rankings unfortunately will be approached by those techniques. Good SEO content is a balance of keywords, density and helpful information. A good SEO content writer can strike a balance between keyword usage and content.

    Using keywords that are repeated over and over in a desperate attempt to please search engines is not only ineffective, it’s also annoying. Your audience wants quality content, and also Google. If you please your visitors, you’ll also please Google. Great content can do that every time.

    SEO copywriters are able to take a set of keywords, determine what searchers want to find out about those topics, and write content that clearly explains the products and services.

    Although there is a distinction between an SEO content writer and other writers, it may not be as dramatic or important as you’d think. The SEO writer knows the drill about ranking on the search engines, as how to optimize content for Google and other search engines.

    SEO writing is a way to help websites rank higher in search engine results. An expertly crafted website that has fresh, relevant content appears on the first few pages of search engine results when someone searches for the relevant topic.

    The secret to writing effective SEO articles is to follow the same rules as you would when creating any other type of article.

    Remember the following points:


    • When writing for a keyword-driven audience, ask yourself: What information might someone looking for these phrases want?
    • Write content that uses correct grammar, has a logical structure, and is easy to comprehend.
    • Make the text more scannable by using headings.
    • Be sure that keywords fit in naturally with the rest of your text.
    • Always proofread.

    You’ll be more likely to attract links to your website or blog if you publish a lot of high-quality content. Who can write content that is both engaging and useful? An experienced SEO web content writer.


    Search engine rankings are affected by a number of factors, although a piece of content may not contain any keywords from your list, that doesn’t mean you can ignore keyword placement. A professional web content writer knows how to accommodate keywords into the site without making them seem forced or out of place.


    Making a balance between creating readable content and working with keywords can be difficult. Though, keywords were important for both search engine ranking and user satisfaction but it’s more about how much a keyword is used in the content. However, the numbers are not available and we have to disappoint you. Text that has been carefully edited for maximum readability will perform better than text crammed full of keywords.

    SEO experts do not agree on how often web content should be updated, and different approaches may be best for different websites. We recommend publishing your articles at least once a month, but most of our clients find that publishing weekly yields better results in terms of traffic generation and search engine optimization.

    To succeed as an SEO content writer, you must be able to adapt new styles. SEO copywriters are diligent researchers, and they research thoroughly in order to produce authoritative-sounding content.

    Yes, we are. Unlike other SEO firms, our content offering is not limited to certain industries.

    If we write SEO content for you that has been paid in full, then you will own all rights to it. The law requires that copyright be transferred at the time payment is made.

    We have created a variety of content, including guest posts and one-off articles, as well as white papers and full e-books. Our extremely talented content writers enjoy writing, and their talents extend beyond simply blogging.

    Long form content is more likely to earn high-quality links than short blog posts, which can help boost search engine rankings.

    An SEO whitepaper is a convincing, authentic report on a particular topic that explains how to improve your website’s search engine rankings. They not only help you rank well in search engines, but they also lead to more sales and business growth.

    We encourage clients to suggest blog and article ideas. If you have any good ones, please let us know! We can tailor content to meet your needs and add keywords, so readers will be more likely to know about what you actually want to tell them.

    If your website contains outdated or poor content then it is in need of being rewritten. Our talented content writers can take any text and transform it into keyword-rich, search engine–friendly copy.

    Good content can establish your brand’s identity, showing customers and prospects that you’re the expert in your field. For both branding and SEO, you need to demonstrate expertise, authority and trust—E.A.T—so that Google will index your content more highly in search results pages (SERPs).

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