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    WordPress Speed Optimisation

    If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, the likelihood that a visitor will leave increases by 90%.

    A high bounce rate can harm your rankings badly.

    Optimizing your WordPress site with our services is the best way to bring it back up to speed.

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    Faster site speed = better user experience!

    Faster WordPress site = lower bounce rate!


    Higher rankings + happy users = more conversions!

    Services by Our Team of Experts: WordPress Speed Optimization

    We’re an award-winning SEO agency with a decade of experience. We know how crucial the performance of your WordPress site is by increasing its speed. Google’s own research shows that the likelihood of getting users to return decreases 32% when a page takes longer than 1 second to load. If a web page takes more than 5 seconds to load, it increases the chance of user bounce by 90%. If a page takes 10 or more seconds to load, users are 123% more likely to leave.

    • Optimize Images
    • Implement Full Page Caching
    • Optimize/Upgrade PHP
    • Decrease Server Response Time
    • 404 & Bad Request Review
    • Minimize Redirects
    • Ensure Bad Requests Are Avoided
    • Plugin Optimization
    • Remove render blocking content
    • Specify Image Dimensions
    wordpress speed optimization experts
    wordpress speed optimization services

    We offer a full range of services for improving the performance and security of your WordPress site. We will provide a detailed report of our proposed strategies before we start working on improving your WordPress page speed. Once our speed optimization services have been implemented, we will send you a report showing how these changes increased the speed of your website. We offer a complete WordPress speed optimization service using the above methods.

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    Improving your WordPress Site's Page Speed is Crucial!

    Google – and other search engines – value the speed of a website almost as much as its content.

    The search engines have made it clear that they reward fast-loading sites with higher rankings.

    Google has recently stated that the speed at which a website loads is one of the factors it considers when ranking search results.

    Speed is important, and you can use a WordPress optimization expert to help boost it.

    improve your wordpress website page speed
    wordpress speed optimization agency

    SEO Agency Edinburgh is a WordPress Speed Optimization Agency

    Either WordPress SEO services or WordPress speed optimization, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients optimize their websites. While onboarding, we often come across that many of our clients’ rankings in search engine results pages are suffering because their WordPress sites are slow. Our WordPress optimization service will improve your site’s speed and performance. We will help you devise a strategy to reach your digital growth goals, plus provide advice on additional SEO strategies.

    WordPress Speed Optimization FAQs

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    Plugins can make your WordPress site run more slowly. All plugins take up room on your site and can slow down the load time of your site. SEO Agency Edinburgh offers the most comprehensive WordPress speed optimization service in the industry. The team of our experts can audit your website and tell you which plugins are best suited to increase its performance. Book a call now!

    There are many ways to improve the speed of your WordPress site. A quick way to improve the speed of your WordPress website is to get advice from a professional. When you hire an expert for custom WordPress speed optimization, your site will load more quickly. They can also make changes to your site’s theme, optimize images and minify CSS files.

    There are many ways to improve the speed of your WordPress site. A quick way to improve the speed of your WordPress website is to get advice from a professional. When you hire an expert for custom WordPress speed optimization, your site will load more quickly. They can also make changes to your site’s theme, optimize images and minify CSS files.

    In order to make sales and book appointments, it is crucial that your site loads quickly. If a site takes too long to load, your potential clients will leave and go elsewhere.

    Yes, the theme you use for your site affects page speed. A good theme should be as simple and straightforward to use as possible. Instead of using a heavy theme, you can use a lighter one and add functionality through plugins. That way you can reduce unnecessary complexities.

    The first impression you make on someone often has a lasting effect. A slow-loading web page can cause you to lose potential customers. A site that is too slow may make customers feel like they will have to wait a long time for their purchase, which can lead them to think the site isn’t safe or worth using. Poor loading time will diminish the reputation of your business and make it less likely that customers will refer you to others.

    WordPress is the perfect CMS platform, and that’s why we have built our site with it. Maintenance is needed to keep the best of the best in good condition. You must keep checking your site to make sure it stays up. WordPress Optimization is a necessary service for any user who wants their site to perform at its best. We are the leading WordPress optimization experts in Edinburgh. Along with that, we will also optimize the loading speed of your site for mobile users.


    Resembling other CMS platforms, WordPress has its strengths and weaknesses too. Pros of WordPress include the fact that it is extremely customizable, has a variety of themes available for download, and works well with e-commerce sites. WordPress can be very easy to use, but the con is that it requires frequent updates and plugins can slow down your site speed. If you use WordPress, don’t worry. Our WordPress speed optimization service can help you maintain and improve the performance of your site. We want to speed up your website so it runs smoothly for your potential visitors.

    WordPress is a content management system that allows you to build and maintain websites without knowing how to code. A WordPress site will require more time and energy for maintenance. An HTML website doesn’t require any plugins or additional software updates. If you are not careful, however, it is easy to overuse things and end up with a website that loads slowly. SEO Agency Edinburgh, as a leading provider of search engine optimization services, can help you optimize the speed of your WordPress site.

    There is a long list of ways to improve WordPress site speed. If you want to speed up your website, talk with a consultant who can recommend the best ways to optimize it. A WordPress expert will customize a speed optimization plan specifically for your website. Through theming, they might alter the look and feel of your site; optimize images; minify CSS files and more.

    Scientists have found that in the past 16 years, our attention span as humans has decreased from 12 seconds to just 7. In that case, to make your users stay longer on your website, you must quickly show them what it has to offer. Large sites such as Amazon, Google and others were involved in a study conducted by StrangeLoop, 1 second of slow page load time can result in a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and 16% a decline in the level of customer satisfaction. In an effort to provide the best search results, Google and other search engines have begun penalizing slow-loading websites. Websites that are slow in speed can find themselves pushed down in search results, even if the content on those sites is great and fully optimized.

    The speed with which your website loads affects whether or not customers will purchase something from you. 88% of users will go with a store that offers them a hassle-free, enjoyable and fast experience. If your site takes more than three seconds to load, about half of your site visitors will leave. In the end the speed definitely affects your business.

    For surely a big YES. Selling a product is about making the buying experience as pleasant for customers as possible. One out of every two consumers in the United States spends an average of 140 minutes per day using a mobile device. It’s important that your website loads quickly on both mobile and desktop devices.

    A CDN is a Content Delivery Network.  Many big names use CDN. It gathers all of your website’s static files and delivers them to visitors as quickly as possible, by serving the files from servers located closest to where those visitors are.

    Many people are surprised to find out that the WordPress websites they enjoy using on their home computers perform poorly when accessed from another location or device. By default, most browsers—including Chrome and Firefox—store a copy of your website in their cache memory every time they visit it. When you start typing an address into the browser bar, this pre-loaded version of your site may appear immediately as the top suggestion for what to open. This trick makes it appear that your website loads quickly, even if its slow for your other visitors. A website visitor who is unfamiliar with the site may have a different experience. Testing your site to find out how fast it loads for mobile users is essential. There are many free online tools that will help you with this. These tools will report your site’s speed, and you can select different locations to measure it from if you like. This is useful for people whose websites are crafted to attract across national borders or who have an international audience in general.

    WordPress is a highly customizable platform, allowing users to install plug-ins that are specifically designed for speed optimization of their webpages. While these plug-ins can help reduce web page loading time, they may not be able to determine the underlying cause of the issue. We can help you identify and fix the issues that are slowing your website down.


    As users become more accustomed to computers and mobile devices, they expect these technologies to function smoothly, immediately. For 2019, experts predict that a website should load within one second to overcome the expectations of a user. Due to the increased speed expectations, optimizing your website is crucial.

    Ideally, the page on your site should load in 2 seconds or less. In today’s market, however—even 2 sec can seem like too long to wait. The best answer to this question is that the site should be as fast as possible.

    Load time is the duration, defined as the elapsed time between clicking on a link and seeing that page while loading. Modern web pages should load in less than 400 milliseconds to be considered fast. A site that loads 25 milliseconds faster than its competitors can gain a competitive advantage.

    This gap measures the time it takes for a user to load a web page, as compared with how long they expect the page to take. Performance is best when this gap is less than 2 seconds. If a visitor does not see any activity within 2 seconds, they will likely bounce from the page.

    It may be running slowly because of a variety of different factors:


    Web Hosting – Incorrectly configured web hosting servers can slow your website.


    WordPress Configuration – If WordPress serves your pages too slowly, or if it crashes at all, then the problem could be that your content is not being cached and optimized.


    Page Size – Large pages often contain images that aren’t optimized for the web that can be a reason for slow sites.


    Bad Plugins – Poorly coded or out-of-date plugins can significantly slow down website performance or if they are too many it will also be the reason.


    External scripts – Ads, font loaders and other extras can slow down your website.

    Sign-up forms may consist of a few lines in the core files of websites. When too much code is packed into one website page, website content assets and plugins with long codes can increase load times by taking up too much memory.

    There are three main categories of web hosting:


    Shared hosting — Your site shares a server with other sites and needs to spread its resources among them. It is possible for one site to monopolize the resources of a cluster and cause downtime in other sites by overloading them.


    Virtual private server (VPS) — Your website will usually have less sites on the similar server. Resources are allocated to all sites that you’ve created, but they can’t be exceeded.


    Dedicated server — You have your own server, just for you.

    An ideal WordPress plugin, which we’ll call SuperSpeed to make it easier to remember, would speed up your site immediately. However, a website’s page load time shouldn’t be considered an isolated metric because there are many variables that can affect the amount of time it takes for pages to display. There are numerous plugins that can optimize caching and help improve website performance, but you’ll also need to make sure your images are optimized, check all your plugins for bad code and track down any errors that have gone unnoticed. It’s a big job, but critical to the success of your website. If you are finding it tough to be done, our team of experts are all here to help you with this.

    Of course! You might consider appealing selling space to third-party advertisers on your page. Too many or slow-loading ads can negatively impact the performance of your site. Any of these will cause a significant increase in bounce rate.

    When you hotlink to another site’s files, you are illegally using that website’s bandwidth without its consent. When other sites link directly to the images on your site, it can place an excessive load on your server.

    After you’ve made some changes to your website, the speed of individual pages can still change. The load time is based on a number of factors, including changes you make to the webpage. If a website’s speed isn’t maintained, it can slow down by 22% in just a year.


    Google has repeatedly confirmed that page loading speed is a ranking factor, and recently made the feature even more prominent. You can improve your site’s speed by using a content delivery network, compressing graphics, and switching to faster hosting. Make sure your site loads in less than 4 seconds. MunchWeb found that 75% of web users would not return to a website if its load time was more than 4 seconds. It’s a good idea to regularly check the loading speed of your website using GTMetrix.com.


    Here are a few things you can do to speed up your website.


    Reduce redirects

    Leverage browser caching

    Optimize images

    Improve server response time


    If you are looking for a company to help optimize your WordPress site, call the experts at SEO Agency Edinburgh!

    Here are some plugins that will help you optimize your WordPress site’s cache:


    WP Rocket

    WP Super Cache

    W3 Total Cache

    Comet Cache


    If you want your website to load faster, call SEO Agency Edinburgh today!

    A good site speed should take no longer than two seconds. For expert help with optimizing your WordPress website, contact SEO Agency Edinburgh today!

    A website can be slow for a number of reasons. Poor website design is often responsible for slow load times or there might be too many advertisements. To learn more about the benefits of speed optimization and how an Edinburgh SEO agency can help, please contact us today.

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