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    Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that is widely used throughout the world. There are several ways in which you can improve the organic search results for your website and the best way is to hire us. Our Magento-focused SEO services can help you increase your sales numbers.

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    Our Magento SEO Services for Boosting Your Sales

    We are a world leader in Magento eCommerce SEO with the experience and expertise to help you grow your online business.

    Do you already have a Magento website? If so, how is it performing in terms of conversions and sales? How users are behaving on your site and what they’re doing—or not doing? Does your site have enough potential to attract visitors and make them customers? In addition to its other advantages, Magento is an SEO-friendly platform.

    We will identify the technical problems that your website faces and devise a plan to fix them. Increased visibility in search engine results pages can help increase traffic to your site and we will help you in this.

    We'll Solve Your Magento SEO Problems

    The owner of a Magento e-commerce store may encounter various types of problems.

    Some of them are like having a slow page loading speed, query string URLs, poor template coding, duplicate content, problems with product page configuration and index issues.

    Upon examining your Magento site, we will conduct an audit and then implement the necessary changes to help boost your ranking.

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    Your Magento Search Engine Optimization Strategy

    We know that to sell products and services online, you need a robust digital marketing tactic. No two Magento e-commerce stores are exactly alike. We will apply our experience to create a personalized SEO strategy for each of our clients. For more information on how we would tailor our services to the needs of your Magento site, take a look at our Magento SEO strategy offer.

    Is Magento SEO Expert The Right Choice For Your Business?

    Hiring a Magento SEO consultant will free you and your team from the time-consuming and tricky task of managing the site’s search engine optimization.

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    How to Find a Better Agency for Magento SEO services?

    The SEO Agency Edinburgh team is piled up with the town’s best Magento SEO experts. We provide global companies—as well as smaller businesses—with expert ecommerce solutions. Our Magento SEO expert can help you get your site to rank higher on search engines.

    How Do I Add Meta Keywords to my Magento site?

    Magento allows you to easily write meta keywords. To give unique values to each product’s meta tags just choose a product and go to Basic Settings -> Search Engine Optimization and jot down the correlated meta tags. A Magento SEO expert can also assist you along with the creation of meta keywords, descriptions and tags. Consulting with a Magento SEO consultant or agency, like ours, can make sure that your keywords are correctly used in all of the meta tags.

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    Which Magento Extension is Best for SEO?

    Magento has many extensions that improve SEO. Like:


    • MageWorx
    • Wyomind
    • Bronto


    The first helps with search engine optimization. The second helps in simplifying the Google shopping for the website and last but not the least helps you in email marketing. The best way is to hire a Magento SEO professional who can help you decide what type of extension is best for your unique e-commerce website.

    What is Magento SEO?

    Magento Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a Magento-based website more visible to search engines. The structure of the platform is a little different from other platforms.

    For many of the most worthy SEO tactics for Magento, you need to delve into the code. Magento is one of the most difficult e-commerce platforms to effectively optimize for search engines.

    Unlike its main competitor, Shopify, Magento is not as SEO friendly but not too tough to work with.

    You can create an SEO strategy that increases the visibility of your e-commerce site when people search online.

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    Is Magento SEO Important?

    Search engine optimization is important for Magento websites because you need to be visible to users and search engines to build conversions and more sales.

    Without taking advantage of the services offered by a company that specializes in Magento SEO, your online store may never reach its full potential.

    SEO Agency Edinburgh is a Magento SEO company that can create an effective SEO campaign for your ecommerce site.

    Duplicate Content is a Usual Magento SEO Problem

    Unfortunately, this is the case. If you don’t fix it soon enough, your SEO will suffer as a result. Duplication of content and meta information is a problem on many product pages.

    Creating separate product pages for each variation of a product, like different colors or sizes, will duplicate the meta tags and the content. In addition to that, another problem that Magento store owners frequently encounter is the structure of product URLs.

    By default, when creating a new page in Magento the URL will include both your categories and subcategories. This is great for SEO . If you have a site that uses category-based organization, duplicating content and bloating your database can occur.

    The good news for merchants is that most of these issues can be fixed with a few lines of code as part of an optimized Magento website. SEO Agency Edinburgh provides Magento-based ecommerce solutions that are specially designed to boost visibility, sales and profits.

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    importance of optimizing magento urls

    Importance of Optimizing Magento URLs

    URLs on their own do not have a major impact on whether or not web pages rank well in search engines. Though they are still a minor factor in search engine ranking. Optimized URLs help improve the user experience. Avoid using a URL link that includes nonsense characters and long numbers. URL friendly URLs are more easily read by both humans and search engines.

    Importance of Product Images For Rankings

    The best tactic for Magento SEO of ours is to optimize product image to improvise the rankings in the search engines. Add a description to your images so that bots can understand the content of your site. When creating alt-tags for images, keep these points in mind:


    • Every time use a description for the alt tag that has keywords but does not feel forced.
    • Use the informative images filenames. For example, my-new-black-kitten.jpg is a lot more informative than IMG00023.JPG
    • Alt-tags should be short and descriptive.

    How To Make Your Magento Site Load Faster?

    A website’s loading speed can influence its search engine rankings, and this is one of the major ranking factors that affects Organic Search. If your website’s load time is quick, it will be more likely to appeal to users and search engines alike. You can increase the speed of your site by following these tips.


    • Enable all caching features (System >> Cache Management) and Flush Magento cache
    • Enable Flat Categories and Products (Stores >> Catalog >> Catalog >> Scroll down to Use Flat Catalog Category and Use Flat Catalog Product >> Set Yes >> Save Config)
    • Merge your JavaScript and CSS files; this will make pages load faster Stores >> Configuration >> Advanced >> Developer >> on the right side.
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    Magento SEO FAQs

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    Magento is good for search engine optimization. Along with its many benefits, Magento is also a popular ecommerce platform. Like any SEO project, Magento takes skill to tackle and get your site ranked at the top of SERPs. It is never a bad idea to consult a Magento SEO company…SEO Agency Edinburgh! If you’re looking for an agency to help boost your Magento website’s organic traffic, look no further than SEO Agency Edinburgh!

    Always keep your Magento installation up-to-date. All updates will have SEO support features built in. If you want to rank high in search engines, having this is a good thing. Upgrading to the latest version of your software can help improve performance, fix bugs and make your computer more secure. Magento encourages all users to upgrade the recent version for better user experience.

    The sample content that comes with Magento 2 is not optimized for search engines. Edit is required from going to Content => Design => Configuration. The UI will display a Design Configuration table, allowing you to change the settings for whichever store view is currently selected. In Other Setting => HTML Head. Create a title and description for each listing that are unique, descriptive, and focused on keywords. To increase your search engine ranking, place your most important keywords in the title of a page as close to the beginning as possible. The keyword should also appear in the description. To keep your title as tight and compelling as possible, eliminate unnecessary words like “the” and “and.” Formatting category titles and descriptions in a similar way makes your site more search engine friendly.

    Magento 2 does not create an HTML sitemap by default. There are several extensions available that can resolve the HTML sitemap issue in Magento 2. We recommend that you use the Magento 2 extension Dynamic HTML Sitemap.

    There is no such difference in these two, as the other is just the sequel of the original one. Magento 1 was released back in 2008 and Magento 2 was released in 2015. The later the more advanced and for surely the best to go with-Magento 2.0. The sole drawback if we compare 2.0 with 1 is the price jump. In the UK, Magento EE costs $18,000 a year and Magento 2 EE costs $22,000 a year. The price jump left many people curious as to why the company jumped so high in price. You can upgrade a Community edition of Magento 2.0 for free, but you need to pay for professional help if you want someone else to handle the migration. Here are some of the improvements Magento 2 has over its older version, Magento 1:


    Architectural Improvements


    Magento 2’s improved store performance makes it a more attractive option than Magento 1. The Magento team has overhauled the technology stack by including several new ones in order to provide a smooth UX, including– Apache, Composer, Symfony and Nginx 1.7 .


    Greater Speed


    Speed is one of the most important factors for both UX and SEO. Magento 2 boasts faster page load times owing to improvements in full-page caching.


    Better for SEO


    M2’s new rich snippets create a more effective way to optimize every product page for a search.


    More Secure


    Online shoppers still want to be assured of the security of their personal information. Magneto 2 is a significant upgrade over its predecessor.


    Lack of Updates


    Although it is unlikely for Magento 1 to retire anytime soon, there are no new updates coming, and so any innovations—new plugins—will not work on the platform.

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