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    SEO, PPC advertising, and social media are all methods of driving traffic to a website. It is also wasted time and money if the traffic you generate does not produce any sales. Great content is one of the most important factors in getting your website to rank well and drive conversions for that SEO Agency Edinburgh is all there to help you out. We create content for our clients that is designed to attract and hold the reader’s attention, so that they will be moved to take the action you want. We will keep a close eye on the SEO-friendliness of your content, so it can attract more traffic from search engines.

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    What is SEO Content Agency?

    While it may be cliché, the idea that “Content is king” is still true. Your website visitors are hungry for engaging, informative and relevant content. Search engine bots are always in search of great content to display for users. Even if you’re a good writer, it may be difficult for you to find the time to write much yourself; that is why it is better to hire a professional. For instance, you might not have the time to learn about or explore the differences between standard copy and SEO optimized text. But if you really want your website to be successful, you need great content that appeals directly to the users. What makes a piece of content outstanding or extraordinary? Your content needs to be relevant and fresh, engaging for your audience, attractive to search engines—and persuasive enough that people will buy from it. 

    SEO Agency Edinburgh’s content creation team is more than capable of creating engaging, high-quality content for any client. For affordable, effective content creation for your website or blog, look no further than SEO Agency Edinburgh Content. SEO Agency Edinburgh has created a tried-and-tested process for creating original, engaging and relevant copy that can be perfect for your site. Guest posting can be a great way to generate links, especially to make your content high quality, we can help you in that as well.

    Why Good Content Is Important For Your Site?

    The old saying “you get what you pay for” is usually especially true when it comes to copy. Yes, there are plenty of writers out there who will write for very low fees. But you won’t get the copy that meets your specifications. It will leave readers and search engine robots cold. While bad content can hurt businesses in any sector, in the B2B domain it is especially. Poorly written copy will annoy, frustrate and irritate your readers to the point where it breaks their trust in you. In 2020, the capability of search bots had progressed to such an extent that they nuance and intent in addition to the literal meaning of words. Overloaded with keyword content is now treated the same by search bots as it is for humans: both are repelled by its overload of keywords.

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    Hire Top1% of the Writers


    SEO Agency Edinburgh interviews many writers. We make sure to hire only the best 1% of the writers. Out of each one to ten portfolios we review, only one meets our criteria. For you, this means that we’ve already done all the work to find qualified candidates for the job—and we did it at no cost to you. All Content writers at SEO Agency Edinburgh are trained in creating content that is designed to generate leads and sales.

    Custom Home Page Copy

    Your homepage is the most visible and valuable digital asset your business owns. It explains what your business does, how it benefits customers and promotes your products or services. If you want to maximize your conversion rates, the copy on your homepage should do more than just basic. It guides users through your website by prompting them to take the next step in their journey.

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    About Us Pages

    The About Us page gives potential customers insight into the company and reassures them that they can rely on you. The bots do the similar. While many businesses ignore their About Us pages, these neglected sites have untapped potential if they are used correctly.

    Service Pages

    You should make sure that your website includes pages that describe each of the services you offer. SEO Agency Edinburgh will help you create crucial pages that explain what each service is about and why people require it.

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    Localized Service Pages

    If you offer a service in multiple geographic locations, your website should reflect that. Crafting a localized web copy for the same service is not as simple. You need to balance the requirements of local consumers with clear information on your business and its offerings. If you use localized service page copy that is not expertly crafted, it may be boring or hard to read for your local audience and may create duplicate content (which search engines penalize). When you hire SEO Agency Edinburgh, we will make sure that each of your local service pages engages users and helps convert them into leads.

    Product Description


    Companies have traditionally underrated the importance of product descriptions; failing to recognize that they are often a deciding factor for potential customers. Good product photography is one of the many things that help make a purchasing decision, but it’s not enough on its own. Consumers always have questions before they buy something. Number of benefits of this product? Is it well made? Will they be able to exchange the product for something else if it is not a good fit? Origin of the product? Your product descriptions should address all the questions a prospect may have, making them engaging and exciting enough to lead the reader to purchase.

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    Blog Posts

    A blog can be an effective way to keep your visitors engaged, attract new customers and raise your search engine rankings. Business blogging is a great way to increase your visibility, grow your business and strengthen customer relationships. SEO Agency Edinburgh’s senior content creators oversee our blogging service, which covers a wide range of topics. Properly researched blog posts that are engaging and informative will help you achieve your business goals, and that will be given to you by our senior content writers which will eventually help you in raising sales.

    What Are The Different Kinds of Content Writing?

    There are several types of content writing services, like ours. It includes:

    • On-page SEO writing
    • Guest posts
    • Blog posts
    • Long form blog posts
    • And more

    What can content writing do for your business?

    Writing content can significantly benefit your search engine optimization (SEO) and business. Adding excellent content to your site tells Google what you’re about and gives worthy info to users. By using this combination, you can help both your search engine optimization and sales.

    What Is Business Content Writing?

    Business writers often focus on explaining products or services in order to clearly communicate what a company has to offer. Writing product or service pages that explain the item’s features and benefits to potential customers.

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    What Is SEO Content Writing?

    SEO content is written with the goal of improving search engine rankings for a given website. To accomplish this, you need to publish keyword-rich content with links and appropriate headings to assist the search bot understand your site’s purpose. A skilled content writer will perform keyword research and write blog posts, articles or other forms of copy that target your niche’s needs. Our experts will search for keywords that are relevant to your niche and write content based on those terms.

    What is the typical cost of content writing?

    There is a range of costs associated with SEO content creation. Needing to bulking up, keyword search or rewrite blog posts and pages is often determined by how much it will cost. SEO copy writing services will be available in a multitude of styles and forms, like us. At SEO Agency Edinburgh, We offer content writing services in 3 packages, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

    What Services Does A Content Writing Agency Offer?

    A content creation agency that offers both blog and on-page services will create and publish a calendar of keyword-targeted content to improve your search engine optimization score—and make sure people don’t forget about you!

    What Is Content Writing?

    Content writing is when a content writing agency performs a keyword audit to determine which keywords should be used most frequently on a website. The content produced by this team builds the foundation for services pages and blogs, which improves site-wide SEO. SEO Agency Edinburgh is a content creation agency that will assist you in improving your SEO by providing you with an expert content writer, trained and ready to work on your project.

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    What Is A Content Writing Agency?

    A content writing agency is a group of experts who write and optimize all the copy that gets published on your website for ranking high in SERPs. The SEO Agency Edinburgh team is a group of experts who can help you enhance the value and current standing of your site.

    What does it mean to say that “Content is King”?

    A strong content strategy can make or break your website. It is the most important factor in its success—or failure. Superior content will be promoted to the top of the search engine rankings. Your content is the way you get your keywords noticed and attract people to your website. For this reason, the content needs to be of the highest quality. The SEO Agency Edinburgh writing team knows how to use various writing techniques so that your content is maximally effective.

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    A+ Content to get benefit from It

    A strong content strategy can make or break your website. It is the most important factor in its success—or failure. Superior content will be promoted to the top of the search engine rankings. Your content is the way you get your keywords noticed and attract people to your website. For this reason, the content needs to be of the highest quality. The SEO Agency Edinburgh writing team knows how to use various writing techniques so that your content is maximally effective.

    What are the rules for writing content followed by an SEO agency in Edinburgh?

    SEO Agency Edinburgh employs standard SEO techniques for all content we provide to our clients. We:

    • Develop a keyword list or conduct keyword research
    • Research each subject
    • Include proper H1s, H2s etc
    • Include needed internal links
    • Break the ice into sections to make it easier to understand.
    • Never copy/duplicate content
    • Write on-page content from a sales perspective
    rules for content writing
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    Can Everyone Do Content Writing?

    Anybody can write content, technically speaking. The trick is to find a writer who has been well trained and comes with experience writing for SEO. They take into account all the nuances of site ranking when creating headers, content, keyword use and keyword research and produce a variety of content that is related to your niche and addresses the audience’s questions. By hiring a team of writers, you’ll reap greater benefits than doing the work yourself, they have been properly trained in how to create professional content for your business.

    Can You Create Good Content For My Blog?

    We can. Our skilled content writers are experts at creating blogs that engage and inform, while also considering keywords and search engine optimization. We have worked with a wide range of retailers in many different niches, adding value for customers and building relationships that last.

    SEO Content Writing FAQs

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    The SEO Agency Edinburgh writers can create a wide variety of content options—tailored specifically to your needs.


    We can create a few different articles for you, including:


    Guest posts

    Long-form blog content

    On page web copy

    Content for landing pages

    Content for email copy

    Product titles and descriptions

    Copy for service pages


    We can develop a content calendar tailored to your needs. We guarantee that your content will be written to the highest standards, and fully optimized for search engines.

    Yes, our copywriting services include landing pages and service pages. SEO Agency Edinburgh offers a range of content creation options, including guest posts and blogs. We understand that your landing pages need to be attractive, helpful and clearly direct people toward completing the desired action. The SEO Agency Edinburgh team will do everything they can to make sure that this happens.


    The use of social media is growing exponentially. Today, an increasingly large percentage of web users are active on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. By making your content shareable, you enable your readers to spread the word about it and drive huge traffic. Adding social buttons to your website increases traffic, but also makes users trust you more. Techie Nize, a new tech site, realized this and saw an immediate boost in traffic once they updated their social media presence.

    Yes! The SEO Agency Edinburgh’s content team is trained in the art of creating search engine–friendly material. Our team is skilled in finding keywords that are relevant to your business, using those words frequently on your site, placing links to external sites while also keeping with the formatting best practices. In addition to training its staff, SEO Agency Edinburgh seeks out expert content writers in order to deliver the highest possible caliber of writing services. We carefully screen our team members to make sure that any person working on your project will do the work to the highest standards.

    Your content’s ranking depends on the relevance of its keywords. Keywords are the most important part of your content, so use them sparingly or you’ll look like a spammer. The SEO Agency Edinburgh team writes content that uses keywords associated with your niche. A well-written blog will use variation and spacing to make sure that the content isn’t focused only on commonly searched keywords. Focus your keywords around the goal of your product or service to create content that leads to sales and conversions.

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