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    Podcasts provide a way to strengthen your brand by creating content that reinforces it. More than 60 million American homes have podcasts playing in the background. Our Podcast SEO experts will develop a strategy to increase your ranking and brand awareness by tapping into the booming market of podcasts.

    Let's Get You More Listeners For Your Podcast!

    We will go through your podcast and make sure that it has all the necessary elements for successful distribution.


    • Increase Listenership
    • Increase Brand Awareness
    • Gain More Subscribers
    • Earn More Revenue
    • Attain Higher Organic Rankings
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    Our Podcast SEO can Help you Maximize your Return on Investment

    Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of digital content. Brands use them to communicate a consistent message and offer value to their target audience. You know it’s possible to make a podcast that stands out from the crowd.


    We guarantee our podcast SEO will improve your search rankings. We’ll handle:

    Website Content

    You should regularly publish content on your podcast’s website to stay engaged with listeners after an episode has ended. We will collaborate with our writing team to create compelling content that engages and excites your audience.

    Technical SEO

    The most important way for people to discover podcasts is through their keywords. We will identify the most effective keywords for your podcast, periodically updating our findings.

    Category Placement

    Even if you have the best podcast on a given platform, it won’t do much good unless listeners can find it. We will categorize your podcast so that it appears in the most relevant sections of our directory.

    Meta Tags Research

    Meta tags are vital to the success of any SEO campaign. We will create a list of keywords that we think best describe your business and its offerings.

    Guest Outreach

    We will create a podcasting strategy to help you land those all-important guests. This may lead to big opportunities for you in the realm of link building.

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    Contact a Podcast SEO Agency to Help you Engage with more Listeners

    There is a wide selection of podcasts to listen to, with more being created all the time. Here are the main 3 platforms people use to listen to Podcasts:  iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts. The number of listeners that a podcast could potentially have is significant. We have a track record of helping podcasters shepherd their shows to success. We can help you attract large numbers of potential customers.

    What Platform Should I Use to Host My Podcast?


    Google Podcasts, iTunes and Spotify are the largest sources of podcasts in the world. While there are many listeners on each platform, you may prefer one over the other. No matter what platform you choose, our team will work hard to ensure that your podcast is the best it can be.

    Is it recommended that I put my podcast on Youtube?

    Here’s why you should never upload your podcast to YouTube. On YouTube they mostly like to watch vlogs and entertainment videos then sit down and talk long chats, so they’re likely annoyed by static images that accompany audio.

    Is podcast SEO easy?

    Essential SEO – such as content marketing and on-site optimization  — should be a fundamental part of any successful digital campaign. Basic SEO is easy and getting started can be even easier if you use a template site.

    upload your podcast on youtube
    skills required for podcast seo

    Does podcast SEO need coding?

    In order to understand SEO, you do not need a background in coding; all that is required is an understanding of how websites work and some practical experience with them. In order to play the game of SEO effectively, you must understand how web pages work and HTML is a key part.

    What skills are required for podcast SEO?

    SEO skills encompass knowledge of various elements involved in optimizing websites for search engines. SEO practices rely on a thorough understanding of the concepts. It is also important to understand the various SEO tools used to measure performance.

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    Best SEO Podcast Topics

    The list is below about the best SEO podcast topics but the journey aren’t limited to these:


    • Simplification / Breaking down complex ideas (Planet Money)
    • Deeper / Diverse Insights (Exchanges at Goldman Sachs)
    • Interviews (How I Built This with Guy Raz)
    • Reality Show (The Pitch)
    • Coaching (AskPat 2.0)
    • Discussion (Jocko Podcast)
    • Thought Leadership (HBR Ideacast)
    best seo podcast topics
    podcast seo

    What is Podcast SEO?

    If you look up Google podcast, the search giant’s first result is a link to an  article about optimizing podcasts for discovery.

    Podcast SEO includes multiple factors like title, description and much more to optimize any podcast.

    When people search for something specific its easy for them to find you, but for bots as well because they both play an important factor in ranking.

    SEO Agency Edinburgh is a podcasting agency that helps clients get their podcasts to rank at number one on iTunes and other media platforms.

    How to do Podcast SEO?

    If you want to create podcast SEO, you should implement the best practices for creating good podcast keywords.

    To ensure the success of your podcast, you should partner with a specialist in podcast SEO to identify and remedy any problems that might be hindering.

    Podcasting can be a good way to reach large audiences, but you need to pay attention to the details in order to make podcast SEO work.

    Edinburgh and international clients can trust us to take the time to make sure their podcasts are technically sound, creatively compelling and marketable.

    how to do podcast seo

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    Podcast SEO FAQs

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    Podcast SEO can help you reach new audiences through search. Podcasts are a growing phenomenon among content consumers. They have been around for a while, but more and more people are re-discovering their appeal. SEO Agency Edinburgh is a podcast SEO agency based in the UK that can help improve your show’s search ranking.

    Since search engines consider podcasts to be a type of video, it’s an excellent opportunity for your business or brand to rank highly in listening-based searches. Adding podcasts to your brand’s marketing mix can give it a boost in search engine rankings. If you search Google for “SEO podcasts”, you surely see too many SEO podcasts produced by industry experts. It is our hope that your clients will be able to find you when they search for terms related to your industry.

    When it comes to ranking of podcasts multiple factors include:

    • The ratings
    • The reviews
    • Promotion on social media
    • Monitor episode performance in Apple Podcasts Connect
    • Motivating people to subscribe
    • Crafting great content and much more

    Podcasts can be optimized the same way blogs are by paying attention to keywords, tags and categories. When creating meta titles and descriptions, make sure to use target keywords. Create a description of an episode that will persuade people to listen, and optimize your podcast’s images.


    The following podcasts offer excellent advice for podcasters who want to market their shows:The Science of Social Media, The Social Media Marketing Podcast, Marketing Over Coffee, Perpetual Traffic, Marketing School, Copyblogger FM, and The GaryVee Audio Experience.

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