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    WordPress is a great platform for Search Engine Optimization. But using WordPress and a variety of plugins will not guarantee that you will rank at the top tier in Google. To ensure that your site is well-positioned when users search for relevant keywords, you should bring in a team of skilled WordPress SEO experts. Our WordPress SEO experts will optimize your site, giving you the advantage of knowing how to work with this powerful platform.

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    We will Build a High-Converting Website for You

    Your WordPress website works for you 24 hours and 7 days a week. You need your website to be able to sell your product or service and attract as many prospects as possible. Our WordPress SEO consultants will optimize your site, getting you to the top of search results as quickly as possible.


    • Get Your Website to the Top of the Search Engine Results Pages
    • Increased organic search traffic
    • Get More Clicks and More Conversions
    • Improvised User Experience
    • Numerous Social Media Shares
    • Accelerates Email Sign-Ups

    Our team of Experts will Create a Customized WordPress Strategy for your Site

    We know it takes more than just a checklist to create an effective SEO strategy for your WordPress website. We will provide you with a high-performing web site that will maximize your ROI, as the core element of our WordPress SEO services. The campaigns we do for your site and niche are uniquely customized and trendy. SEO Agency Edinburgh’s customization lets you benefit from our services and your campaign to their fullest potential.


    Our “WordPress SEO Experts” use our company's resources and experience to boost your Google ranking. Our goal is to offer you the best possible results. Our goal is not only the betterment of your site's SEO but to help you get into the top results. We aren't satisfied until you are!


    Consistently engaging with customers and prospects on social media is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. By working with SEO Agency Edinburgh, your business can improve its social presence and build links back to the site from other sites across search engines.


    We guarantee that your website will work well on any device and provide the best user experience to your site visitors. If users have a good experience on your site, they'll come back. After a campaign by a SEO Agency Edinburgh, your website's usability will be second-to-none.


    A slow-loading website will likely have a negative impact on your organic search rankings, which in turn will negatively affect the amount of time visitors spend on your site. SEO Agency Edinburgh will analyze your site to determine how best to improve its speed. We will optimize your WordPress site so that it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


    We are experienced in ensuring that your site is fully optimized when it comes to the content: SEO, UX & CRO. Because your content is the most important aspect of your web site, you want it to be produced with care. The SEO Agency Edinburgh team will assist you with the result oriented tactics for your site content.


    We will take all necessary precautions to protect your site from hackers and other threats. Insecure websites are vulnerable to hacking, which can affect the availability and integrity of data. A secure website attracts more visitors and gains a reputation for being safe. An SEO Agency Edinburgh campaign can help you identify vulnerabilities in your website and fix them.

    Get Expert WordPress SEO Services With Any CMS Or Framework Today

    process of wordpress seo

    Process of WordPress Search Engine Optimization

    Usually WordPress users think that plugin installation is all they need to do. This is just the beginning of your SEO adventure.

    They can be beneficial, but only if you know how to integrate them into a website and optimize their use. However, when it comes to optimizing a WordPress site for search engines, there are many different factors that you have to keep in mind.

    We have developed a comprehensive system to help our clients improve their site performance.

    Reason to Hire A WordPress Expert SEO

    WordPress is renowned for being SEO friendly. However, it is surely worthy to follow good Search Engine Optimization practices and guidelines on your website.

    You need a Search Engine Optimization expert, not just a person with basic knowledge. 

    A WordPress expert can help you boost your search engine rankings, leading to an increase in traffic.

    hire a wordpress seo expert
    wordpress seo agency

    Hire A WordPress SEO Agency

    Our team of SEO experts understands the intricacies—and challenges—of WordPress and SEO. Team at SEO Agency Edinburgh is experienced in WordPress SEO that has helped hundreds of clients rank higher in their search results. We can optimize content for any type of platform i.e. Wix, Magento, Joomla and more. Let us help you create an SEO strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

    Ready to give your WordPress site a boost?

    If you are interested in having us optimize your WordPress site for search engines, contact our team of WordPress experts for assistance with your search engine optimization needs! One of the Assigned SEO Experts from SEO agency Edinburgh will help you and guide you all the steps which we will use to boost your WordPress Website.

    Better Platform for SEO: Joomla vs. WordPress

    Joomla and WordPress both have advantages and disadvantages compared to each other in building a website.

    Joomla requires more technical knowledge than WordPress, whereas WordPress allows for greater flexibility under the hood.

    If you have already launched a website and are not satisfied with its search engine ranking, you can always hire agencies to optimize your pages for WordPress SEO.

    joomla vs wordpress
    process to optimize wordpress site for seo

    Process to Optimize WordPress site for SEO

    Optimizing your WordPress site for search engines requires the work of experienced WordPress SEO consultants. WordPress SEO can be tricky because of the large number of themes available and all that you can customize. Working with a team of WordPress SEO experts can ensure that all aspects of your project are staying on track.

    Your hired experienced team of WordPress SEO consultants will examine your URLs, links, image alt text and meta information to ensure you are getting all possible search engine optimization. SEO Agency Edinburgh has expert WordPress SEO Consultants that does what it says and practices what it preaches. Our track record of getting websites to rank on the first page is unparalleled.

    Method to Install an SEO Plugin in WordPress?

    WordPress SEO plugins are easy to install. Right from the admin dashboard there you see a plugin click to it then you will automatically reach the store which is quite similar to Playstore by Google after reaching there type the keywords you are in search of. At that place you can either purchase or use free plugins. Afterwards when you bought a Plugin via marketplace it’s time to upload it on your WordPress website.

    Improvement in WordPress SEO

    To improve your WordPress website’s search engine rankings, use a team of dedicated and experienced consultants. WordPress SEO can get complex because there are so many themes to choose from, and you can tweak the program in a variety of other ways. It is an excellent idea to hire a team of WordPress SEO Consultants if you want your site’s SEO campaign to succeed.

    Google has made a lot of algorithm updates over the years, and each one has had a different impact on SEO. Google Panda emphasized quality content, Google Penguin focused on link quality, Google Hummingbird was all about language queries, RankBrain was about artificial intelligence, and Mobilegeddon was all about making sure websites were mobile-friendly. Big updates like these can affect your site’s ranking in a matter of days, for better or for worse.

    improvement in wordpress seo
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    How can I Optimize my WordPress Website for Search Engines?

    When working with WordPress, it’s important to know how much or little experience you have. According to your level of skills you find it either tough or easy as there is much more into it then just selecting color palette. To get your site to page one, you often need the help of a WordPress SEO agency or consultant who can handle the technical intricacies involved in attaining high search engine rankings.


    Usage of WordPress

    WordPress is the most famous CMS, robust application that runs more than 75 million websites worldwide. WordPress, which is free to download and use, can be installed on a web server at no cost. The plugin and template architecture of WordPress makes it easy to build flexible, powerful websites on a budget.

    optimize wordpress website for search engines
    optimize the wordpress content tab

    What can you do to Optimize the Content Tab?

    The Content Optimization Tab is a way of measuring how well written your content is for Google and other search engines. The Snippet preview is the first thing in the Content Optimization Tab. You can manually edit the SEO title and meta description for your content by clicking Edit snippet. Google’s search engine algorithm looks at this information to determine where to rank your site in its organic listings. 

    Yoast SEO, the WordPress plugin applies that same concept when it comes to the human readability analysis area. It analyzes your content and looks for ways to improve both its readability and its overall quality for humans.

    There is no such thing as a perfect score, so don’t feel the need to get all of these suggestions correct. But they can help you see the big picture. You have to jot down a Focus keyword in the keyphrase area to optimize your content for that term. To find a keyword that has the most potential for use in search engines, you should perform some basic research about what audience is searching for. To determine how well your post uses that keyword, you can plug it into Yoast SEO to analyze the content of your post. The Yoast focus keyphrase is not a Google ranking factor. It’s advice that can help you make the most of your content.

    Optimizing WordPress Search Engine Themes

    WordPress offers a variety of themes that provide the structure and design elements needed for any website. Instead of selecting a theme that is pretty and pleasing to look at, choose one that will help you rank higher on search engines.


    Points to Ponder:


    • Incorporating open graph meta tags is an effective way to enhance social media sharing.
    • Use of correct—and appropriate—heading tags and titles.
    • Well-organized and properly formatted HTML.
    • Using the canonical URL meta tag to its fullest potential.


    The two main things to consider when choosing an SEO-optimized WordPress theme are speed and code structure. Writing a theme with the latest SEO best practices ensures that Google bots will include your website in their search results.

    optimizing wordpress search engine themes

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    wordpress website can better rank

    Do HTML-coded sites rank better than WordPress-based ones?

    Answer to that question is very simple and it’s NO! WordPress and HTML/CSS-based websites have the same capabilities; neither of them has any privilege over the other.

    As when it comes to a search engine like Google it treats both of them as the same . It doesn’t prefer one over the other. For any kind of proof you need you can visit the web. If WordPress were the preferred CMS of Google, it would dominate 99 % of the web publishing as we know it.

    Dominant search results gain the most traffic, so it is no surprise that sanctioned sites tend to be considered the defaults by searchers. However, WordPress can be great for SEO if you set it up correctly and use the right plugins.

    Is Optimizing Media Important For Rankings?

    Media plays a vital role when it comes to promoting any website. However, the media can either destroy your SEO efforts or strengthen them.

    The way you tag and name your images will impact how they show up in search results. By properly tagging your images, you greatly increase the odds of being found by those searching for relevant content. Just creating an image with a complex name isn’t enough to boost your SEO.

    When you upload an image to your WordPress site, you can edit its title and add an alt tag along with a small caption. Using these techniques can improve your website’s search engine rankings.

    optimizing media important for rankings

    WordPress SEO FAQs

    SEO Agency Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    SEO is a great fit for WordPress. WordPress enables you to optimize your SEO by using a large number of plugins and other options. A reliable WordPress SEO agency can boost your website’s Google ranking and help maintain that position over time.

    If you want to improve your search engine ranking on WordPress, it’s a good idea to do a general keyword research so that your content and URLs are targeted to what people might look for. You should make sure that your web site’s urls are created in a logical manner, its meta data is keyword-rich, and it contains properly formatted images. An extensive checklist can be a great way to make sure your WordPress SEO services are excellent, but it’s hard for one person to check everything off. Hiring a team of experts will help you get through all the points on your list—and improve your website in the process!

    Yes, it’s a good idea to install an SEO plugin onto your WordPress-powered site. Yoast SEO, a plugin for WordPress sites, is one of the most popular SEO plugins available.  Rank Math is also one of the most popular SEO Plugins for wordpress. Which offer almost the same options as Yoast do. SEO for WordPress can be a complex process. Yoast SEO offers powerful tools to help you fine-tune your website’s search engine ranking. If you need help determining which plugins to install, hire SEO Agency Edinburgh as your WordPress SEO Consultant.

    When you’re writing a post or page in WordPress, the Yoast SEO meta box is where you’ll spend most of your time.


    This assist you with certain things like:


    • Read and analyze your content to see if it is high quality, easy to understand.
    • Giving you granular control over how your content appears in Google searches and on social media sites.

    The meta box is located below the WordPress editor. If you updated the new WordPress block editor, you can see this option on the right-hand sidebar also. For more information about how to use the Yoast Meta Box, you can contact SEO Agency Edinburgh for WordPress SEO services.

    Because Google indexes websites by their structure, it is important to tell Google about the pages and links on your site. Google’s XML sitemap creates an accurate and up-to-date XML for your website. WordPress’s Google XML Sitemaps plugin will generate an automatic sitemap of your website, helping search engines to better index it. To make your site more search engine-friendly, install WordPress SEO by Yoast as it will add a sitemap to your WordPress site. WordPress does not automatically generate an XML sitemap, so you must enable the feature. To enable XML sitemaps, go to Yoast SEO » XML Sitemaps and check the box.

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