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    Whether you sell your wares on an independent e-commerce site or through marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy or both. The team SEO Agency Edinburgh have e-commerce SEO experts that helped hundreds of companies to increase their organic sales traffic. Reduce your advertising expenses while simultaneously improving the quality of your traffic and increasing sales with our help.

    An In-Depth Look At What Our Ecommerce SEO Agency Can Do For Your Business

    SEO is one of the most important elements in any E-commerce marketing strategy. Here’s what we do:

    Stage 1 – Discovery

    To succeed in e-commerce, you need to define and measure your goals. That's what our discovery process is all about. We will evaluate your current e-commerce presence, looking at what is functioning and how it could be improvised. We will review all your e-commerce metrics, sales processes and user experience and explain what we recommend in a clear way.

    Stage 2 – Goal Setting

    During the discovery process, we will examine your existing website and help you develop a clear plan for improving it. We work with your team to create new, measurable goals based on our findings and the company's larger strategic objectives. A proper market analysis helps you identify the e-commerce services that are most important to your business and how well those services meet your goals.

    Stage 3 – Strategizing

    We will assess your goals and objectives, then make suggestions for the services and changes that could help you reach those goals which will end up in your business growth. We will work together to develop a unique e-commerce SEO plan for your business with your recommendations and our expertise.

    Stage 4 – Implementation

    After the eCommerce SEO plan is agreed upon, we begin making changes to your site by implementing it. Our goal is to make improvements without affecting your customers' experiences. For feedback we report your site's performance for betterment and of course it is your right as an owner.

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    ecommerce seo services

    Any Ecommerce Brand Requires SEO Services

    Creating an online store is not that hard but it’s all about building loyalty of potential customers. SEO Edinburgh’s experts and dedicated staff provide experienced “E-commerce SEO Services” to its clients. You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize the visibility of your products and make your online store more successful.

    Strategic SEO Consultation for Every Ecommerce Store

    SEO Agency Edinburgh provides a variety of organic eCommerce SEO services that help businesses understand and act upon their customers’ needs such as what they think, why they act in certain ways, and what motivates them to make decisions. The information helps to create SEO-friendly content and marketing campaigns and much more. Our strategies generate immediate and long-term growth for our clients.

    E-Commerce SEO: How to Grow Your Online Store

    Ecommerce SEO requires extensive, ongoing effort to be successful. To boost sales with SEO, you’ll need to work closely with an experienced team of eCommerce experts. Not just good practices that will help your site rank on the first page of search results—your business requires a serious and consistent team about increasing traffic over time. The best Ecommerce SEO agency for this is definitely SEO Agency Edinburgh!

    Perfect Product Description for Ecommerce SEO Success

    Product descriptions provide information about the benefits and uses of a product and is a necessary task to be done. It would be absurd to just list products and their prices without providing any information. An ideal product description for ecommerce SEO must include keywords that have maximum search volume yet lowest keyword competition. The Ecommerce SEO expert team at SEO Agency Edinburgh always helps their clients to get the best keywords for Product description.

    ecommerce seo experts
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    Ecommerce SEO FAQs

    Ecommerce SEO Agency in Edinburgh have created an FAQ to better explain the working strategies of our SEO Analytics tool. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

    You have spent weeks or even months creating the perfect website for your business? The ecommerce store is visually attractive and uncomplicated to navigate, and it offers a wide selection of popular items at affordable prices? You will then only have to pull potential customers to your ecommerce store. It doesn’t matter whether or not the store is part of a larger website, such as an online marketplace like Amazon or a standalone website. If potential customers can not discover you online, they won’t be able to purchase your products or use your services. Organic eCommerce SEO Agency or provides companies either small or big with the right tools that are in need to attract valuable customers and facilitate sales.

    Search engines are informing the purchase decisions of 89 percent of consumers. SEO can increase the visibility of your store to people who are likely to buy products like yours. Once you establish the basics, it’s up to you what pitch to make.

    Yes, because it is a key element in the entire procedure. We will guide you in ensuring that your customers find what they are looking for on your website. The site should offer customers the info they are hunting for and then guide them to your checkout page. 

    It can be, but the methods used to conduct it are contrasting from a standard keyword research project. For example, Amazon’s search engine is called A3. Therefore, to make sure that your Amazon product listing is well-optimized for search engines like Google and Bing (and not just Amazon itself), as an online seller you will need to look at how searches will perform there. This requires skills that some SEOs lack. That is why we always suggest to go for Professional Ecommerce SEO Agency.

    As a potential customer browses through your products, they usually have inquiries about them. For example, if you are selling clothes, they might enquire about the sizes and fits of any shirt or pants as image solely won’t let them know. Without a well-written product description that addresses customers’ concerns. If a potential customer clicks away to another site, you lose that sale and your competitor gains it. When it comes to SEO the product descriptions play a crucial role. But they should always be well-written, and written to the specific style of that platform you are selling your product at. To achieve the right balance, include keywords that are relevant to your content while still presenting information clearly and concisely.

    Companies usually welcome descriptions of their products, so you can use theirs. Although it might affect the search engines and consumers because the content isn’t original, and readers may be bored by it. A successful ecommerce SEO agency will make sure that your website does not display duplicate content on any product or category page. An extra step needs to be taken that might be a costlier one for e-commerce site owners, but it’s the sole path to increase exposure of product pages or listings in search engine results.

    Yes, and content should be created regularly to keep your followers interested. Blogging is a way to provide search engines with content that contains more keywords and phrases relevant to your business. Although blogs are the best thing to attract potential customers to your site business.

    Smart shoppers rarely buy any product without first knowing how it will work for them. To determine whether a new product is worth buying, consumers read both the good and bad reviews. Reviews can be an important factor in influencing a buyer’s decision to purchase from your business. The more the reviews are, the better a shopper will feel about their purchase. Reviews can help bolster a store’s online reputation. Great product reviews can help a brand’s products rank higher in search engine results. The algorithms used by Amazon, eBay and Walmart differ from Google’s in some ways. For example, a product’s reviews are factored into their search rankings. When it comes to Off-page SEO reviews help at that time as well. When customers share their bought products and review them on social media, it can be an effective method for increasing exposure and visibility of your business.

    The image search function of Google, in itself, is a resource that consumers worldwide use most often when seeking to purchase products. Anyhow the Google bots do not ‘see’ images the way that humans do. An image’s content must be described in the alt Tag for the Google bots. So it is important to optimize your image tags so that they appear in search results. Optimizing images can help make your website run more smoothly and look better when it comes to user experience. Poorly optimized images are slow to load and will display poorly on mobile devices, which is something that your customers wish to avoid.

    Google has made clear that it prefers sites whose navigation is speedy, and the user navigates on it without complexity. For online stores, this is especially true. But it’s most important for users. They want to have a quick and convenient shopping experience. People don’t want to wait for a page to load; they want instant gratification.

    Our eyes have been on these kinds of offers too. Most of these packages are cookie-cutter solutions that have little to no impact on search engine optimization. We have noticed that eCommerce sites with prebuilt packages can have trouble ranking for sites. Some so-called SEO professionals actually build shady backlinks or insert scripts or widgets into your website, which can result in your being penalized by Google and other search engines.

    This occurs in every niche and city around the globe. There will always be people who are only in it for the money, regardless of what happens to their website. SEO agencies that don’t understand Google’s guidelines can do more harm than good. Ignoring them is the best option. Google is capable of correcting the problem for you. This might be time consuming but worth taking the risk. While that is happening you should focus on making your eCommerce site as optimized for search engines as possible.

    SEO is a process, and SEO-ready and SEO-optimized are different stages of that process. ‘SEO ready’ refers to a website that has all the required elements in place for search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo!. It fails to acknowledge that keyword research, backlinks and content (or at least a rough outline) will still be missing. You may be able to buy a car in kit form, but if you can’t put it together yourself, the car won’t be ready for use. eCommerce sites require the same expertise for Search Engine Optimization that is needed with any website.

    Our team is a global one, and in general we can offer particular expertise when it comes to international SEO. Our expertise in both eCommerce and SEO allows us to help you reach customers on a local, national and even global scale.

    We suppose that you were visiting a particular freelance website. Building high-quality backlinks requires time, patience and strategy. So the answer is NO! At that price, no one can offer you real backlinks. You would be wasting your money on links that are automatically generated, and all they can do is hurt your site’s reputation.

    Yes. Our prior talks with clients are low-pressure, informative discussions about how we can assist them with their goals. Come to us today at SEO Agency Edinburgh we will answer all your queries and satisfy you in every manner.

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